WA Reptile Park

The West Australian Reptile Park is located in the Swan Valley and is family-owned and operate and home to many different species of reptiles and animals.

On entry to the Reptile Park, you are greeted by the resident birds. One of which, aptly named Dancer, loves to dance and the other, a cockatoo, enjoys saying ‘hello’ a lot! The kids loved interacting with both of them which prompted squeals of delight from both the kids and the cockatoo! Be warned – he can scream a lot louder than any child!

WA Reptile Park

Once we’d paid our entry fee we were instructed to have a look around and in a short time one of the park staff would come and find us and give us a talk on the various reptiles which are resident in the park.

WA Reptile Park

We headed to the small reptile house. They do ask you not to take large bags into the reptile house as they previously have had a snake stolen from them! The Reptile House is home to many different species of Lizards, Snakes and frogs. Thankfully I didn’t spot any resident spiders!

WA Reptile Park

WA Reptile Park

Just as we had finished our tour of the reptile house Gregor, one of the park’s professional keepers, appeared to tell us more about some of the reptiles. We made our way to the enclosure that was home to the Bob-Tail Lizards. Here we got to learn more about the lizard and much to the children’s delight they were able to sit and hold one.
WA Reptile Park

Next came the snakes! The keeper got out a couple of the small snakes that are referred to as ‘childrens’ snakes’ due to their size. I was very impressed with how quickly my kids volunteered to hold one. It didn’t phase them at all to have one wrapped around their neck – even Miss 2! She wore it like it was the latest fashion accessory!

WA Reptile Park

After our snake holding, we went and visited the animals that resided outside. We met the Hairy Nosed Wombat.

WA Reptile Park

An emu and a couple of kangaroos

WA Reptile ParkWA Reptile Park

A crocodile and a fox.

WA Reptile ParkWA Reptile Park

After which Gregor brought out Blondie the Dingo to meet us. We were taught that Dingos are not related to dogs as they don’t bark. They are part of the wolf family. Blondie was very friendly and the kids had a lovely time patting her.

WA Reptile Park

She particularly enjoyed hanging upside down and having her chin tickled!

WA Reptile Park

Within the grounds is picnic area complete with a gas BBQ which is free to use so you could spend longer there and enjoy a picnic. Be warned I did get badly bitten on my feet by mosquitoes to make sure you take along some repellent.

WA Reptile Park

We really enjoyed our outing to the WA Reptile Park. It was great that the kids had the opportunity to get hands on with some of its inhabitants. The park itself is small, intimate and rustic and does not get funding from the government. Instead, it relies on gate entry fees to stay open.

Do keep an eye on your children as you leave as there is a bridge over what appears to be to children a very inviting green lawn. One of our children decided to run over ‘the lawn’ instead of using the bridge which resulted in him being soaked head to toe as the lawn turned out to be algae on top of a pond. He wasn’t the first child to do this and I doubt he will be the last!

WA Reptile Park

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