Parasaling Perth - Cicerellos Jet Adventures

Have you heard about Perth’s #1 parasail experience with Cicerellos Jet Adventures? It’s an incredible adventure that offers breathtaking views you won’t want to miss. You’ll fly 450ft above the stunning Fremantle coastline with Western Australia’s only parasail experience! The best part is you can choose to fly solo, tandem, or even triple!

Parasaling Perth - Cicerellos Jet Adventures

The flight time is around 8 minutes, and the entire session lasts for approximately 60 minutes. You can enjoy this experience on most days in spring and summer, as well as weekends and selected days for the rest of the year. The departure point is directly adjacent to Cicerello’s landing in Fremantle Fishing Harbour.

Parasaling Perth - Cicerellos Jet Adventures

Keep in mind that the minimum age is 6 years old accompanied by a parent or guardian and 12 years old unaccompanied by a parent or guardian. Also, there are weight requirements, so make sure to check those out before booking.

When you arrive, you’ll be weighed, fitted with a life jacket, and given some safety instructions before you get to experience the parasailing ride of a lifetime. On your return, you may get a bit wet, but don’t worry, you can let the staff know if you want to be wet or not.

Parasaling Perth - Cicerellos Jet Adventures

If you don’t want to participate but still want to join the fun, you can purchase an observer ticket for $49.00.

Make sure to bring a bottle of water, a hat, and sunglasses, and wear comfortable, sun-smart clothing since there isn’t much shade on the boat. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you leave as well. You won’t be able to take photos, but photo packages are available at the end of your experience.

Parasaling Perth - Cicerellos Jet Adventures

The parasailing itself is actually really relaxing once you’re up in the air. It’s an amazing experience that’s best shared with friends. Keep in mind that a few people did get seasick, so if you’re prone to that, you may want to take some medication before heading out.

Parasaling Perth - Cicerellos Jet Adventures

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