AmazingCo Mystery Picnic

AmazingCo Mystery Picnic Review

Does your family enjoy solving clues together, exploring new places and picnics? Well, a mystery picnic from AmazingCo might be perfect for you. I was given a gift voucher for my birthday and when we were looking at the options we chose to do the mystery picnic in Chittering as it’s not an area we go to. Other options for family mystery picnics include Mandurah, Fremantle, Kalamunda, Sean Valley, Highgate and Hyde Park, Kings Park and Serpentine. There are also at home options and couples or friends options.

Having a gift voucher I found booking to be easy and the communication from the company was quick and very helpful. We originally booked for the end of September but on the day we were due to go we woke up to unexpected thunderstorms so we’re able to reschedule to a later date.

When booking you can give any dietary requirements and we could choose if we wanted wine included or not. After booking, you will receive an email a few days prior to your picnic with details on what to take and your first clue. The food and drink for the picnic are provided but you need to take a cooler bag, plates and cutlery etc. Don’t forget a pen and paper to work out the clues!

Amazingco mystery picnic

As we chose to do the mystery picnic in Chittering there was a lot of driving involved that I hadn’t really taken into consideration. Some of the other picnics are able to be walked or involve minimal travel so think about what your family enjoys when choosing.

As you stop at each location you can get the next clue. It was fun working out the clues with our daughter. Each clue was different which made it more interesting.

Amazingco mystery picnic Amazingco mystery picnic


Some locations also showed “Points of Interest” which included things like parks or playgrounds that were nearby and you might want to visit while in that location. I would say at least half the stops were places we wouldn’t have gone to or weren’t even aware of. One of the stops was a goat farm where we tried goats cheese which my daughter actually really like (and ate nearly all of the pieces we were given!).

Amazingco mystery picnic

Our mystery picnic included six locations with food and drinks picked up at five different points. The other location was a bushwalk on the way to the last location and picnic spot. We also bought some extra’s along the way like a coffee at the bakery and ice cream for our daughter at the last stop.

Amazingco mystery picnic

Our last location was The Orchard where we received some drinks and fruit. We were directed to an area in the orchard that was set up with picnic tables and was able to eat our picnic here. The Orchard also offers animal feeding and tractor rides which would have been a fun way to finish our day but unfortunately, we weren’t made aware of these until we arrived and they were booked for the next tour.

Golden Grove Orchard Chittering

Overall we enjoyed the mystery picnic, it was fun doing something different, going to places we hadn’t known about and trying different foods. It would be fun to try one closer to home with less driving next time.

Amazingco Mystery Picnic

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