6 Natural Wonders That Turkey Has To Offer

As the largest country in Asia, and the only one with a coastline on three different seas, Turkey is unsurprisingly home to some amazing natural wonders. From soaring mountain peaks and pristine lakes to crystal-clear coastal waters and lush forests, this diverse country has something for everyone. So if you are looking to spend some time exploring this fascinating country, here are six of its most stunning natural attractions you must visit


Saklıkent Gorge

While most people flock to Turkey’s coastal resorts, the country also has some stunning inland destinations worth exploring. Saklıkent Gorge is one such place, and it is not for the faint of heart. The gorge is located in the Taurus Mountains and can only be accessed by a narrow dirt path. Once you make your way down into the Saklıkent Gorge, you will be surrounded by towering cliffs on either side as you walk through icy cold water. It is an exhilarating experience and one that will leave you feeling truly alive.



Cappadocia is a geological wonderland located in the Central Anatolian region of Turkey. The area is famed for its unique fairy chimney rock formations, which have been carved over thousands of years by wind and rain. Today, Cappadocia is a popular tourist destination, with visitors coming to explore the caves, underground cities, and ancient monasteries that dot the landscape. And if you are looking for an added adrenaline rush, you can even take a hot air balloon ride over the valley for some truly breathtaking views. 

Not to mention, Cappadocia is also one of the best places in Turkey to stargaze, thanks to its lack of light pollution, so if you are looking for some magic under the stars, this is the place to be.


Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat is Turkey’s highest mountain, and one of its most iconic landmarks. The mountain is home to two volcanoes, both of which are inactive, and is sacred to the Armenian people. Mount Ararat is depicted on the Armenian national coat of arms. Today, the mountain is a popular destination for climbers and hikers, who come to conquer its summit. And if you are not feeling quite so adventurous, you can still enjoy views of the mountain from nearby Lake Van or Dogubeyazit. You might even be lucky enough to see a glimpse of the “Ararat Anomaly”, which is a strange formation that some believe could be the remains of Noah’s Ark.



Pamukkale, meaning “cotton castle” in Turkish, is a natural site located in southwestern Turkey. The area is home to a series of travertine terraces, formed over thousands of years by calcite-rich waters. These terraces are filled with thermal springs and have been used as a spa since the Roman era. Today, Pamukkale is a popular tourist destination, and visitors can swim in the travertines or explore the ruins of the nearby ancient city of Hierapolis. If you are visiting during the winter months, you might even be lucky enough to see the travertines frozen over, which creates a truly magical scene.

Lake Van

If you are looking for a truly unique natural wonder, then look no further than Lake Van. This massive soda lake is located in the east of Turkey and is the country’s largest body of water. What makes Lake Van so special is its high concentration of boron, which gives the water a milky turquoise color. The lake is also home to an island known as Akdamar Island, which is home to a 10th-century Armenian church. Visitors can take a boat ride out to the island to explore the church and its beautiful setting. However, if you are feeling adventurous, you can even take a dip in the lake’s bracing waters.

Nemrut Dağ

Nemrut Dağ, or Mount Nemrut, is a 2134-meter-high mountain located in southeastern Turkey. The summit of the mountain is home to a series of huge statues, which were erected in the 1st century BC by King Antiochus I. The statues depict a mix of Greek, Persian, and Armenian gods, and they are an impressive sight to behold. Today, Nemrut Dağ is a popular tourist destination, and visitors can hike to the summit to see the statues up close. If you are visiting during the summer months, make sure to catch a glimpse of the sunrise or sunset from the mountaintop. The shade of the statues creates a truly magical scene as they are bathed in soft light.


Even though Turkey is often thought of as a coastal country, as you can see it has so much more to offer. From stunning natural wonders to well-preserved ancient cities, there is something for everyone in Turkey. So next time you are planning a trip, be sure to add some of these destinations to your list. You won’t regret it!


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