Walk into the irresistible world of frozen yoghurts that showcase quality and delicious flavours, huge selection of toppings and good vibes- that’s YO-CHi for you!

Y0-CHi was one of the pioneers that started the self-serve frozen yoghurt scene in Melbourne and finally brought their first store in Perth in December 2022. It now has 3 stores in Perth at Vic Park, Karrinyup and Leederville.

Conveniently located in Vic Park, we always head to YO-CHi for our after-meal dessert when we are around the area. When you know that their yoghurt is 98% fat free and low in calories, there’s definitely no mum guilt in giving the kids some tasty YO-CHi treats.

Heading into the shop, the kids went straight to the self-serve yoghurt station. There were about 8 different flavours available on that day. We had chocolate and strawberry yoghurt from their signature soft serve frozen yoghurts, which are available all year round, and cookies, cream, and coconut from their seasonal range.

The machine was easy to use, and my Missy 9 and Missy 6 had no trouble filling their own yoghurt bowl. You can have the option of having your yoghurt in a cone too!

The fun part is deciding what toppings to have for your yoghurt! They have a wide range of toppings available, from fresh fruits to granola and chocolates. As the price of the yoghurt depends on the weight of the frozen yoghurt, we had to caution the kids not to go crazy with putting too many toppings into their bowls.

Their yoghurt is packed with flavour that is creamy and silky that melts in your mouth perfectly. We topped it up with the strawberry mochi that gives it an extra chew with each mouthful, and I really enjoy the crunch from the cornflake crunch. The kids had a much sweeter tooth and enjoyed their yoghurt with mini m&ms, chocolate soils and syrups and fresh fruits.

You can check them out here: yochi.com.au/yochi-venues/western-australia/

There’s also a YO-CHi app that you can download to create an account to earn points for every YO-CHi purchase and score a freebie on your birthday too!


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