Spending quality time with your kids is great. Not every family does outdoor activities regularly, but they should. It is excellent for creating a perfect bond between the kids and the parents, and it’s excellent for teaching your kids about responsibility, safety, and reliability. 

Some parents are doing regular activities as a family. However, you can’t find new things constantly, and you must think of something else every time your kids show signs of doing something together. There are numerous options, but are you aware of them? 

In this article, we share some tips and ideas to help you find ways to have fun as a family. We offer adrenalin-spiked activities that won’t leave anyone indifferent. Follow up if you want to see some of the best ideas, including adrenaline and fun.


1. Mountain biking

Do your kids love biking? They are paddling down the street in a perfectly controlled environment and doing it great, but it’s kind of boring after a while. Kids always need new challenges, and if they love biking, taking them on a mountain biking experience is a great idea.

Mountain biking or MTB is an activity that lets you ride a bike through mountain tracks and off-road areas where control over the bike is essential. Get a specialized bike for your kids and yourself, and don’t forget to add the safety equipment. It is dangerous, but if you have the right safety gear, it can only be fun and full of adrenaline – things that kids love. Find the best Mountain Bike Trails in Perth here.

Mountain Bike trail in Perth

Pic Credit: Kalamunda mountain bike collective

2. Rock climbing

Rock climbing is an activity that is done in a controlled environment or out in the open. Many sites outside the cities in wonderful nature are perfect for rock climbing. Mountain and rock climbing organizations turn these places into areas of practice and competition.

If you love this idea, there are artificial rocks built specifically for these needs. Take your kids there and set them up with all the safety items needed for rock climbing. This adrenaline activity will make them fearless in life and let you show them how valuable your support is.

Rockface Indoor Rock Climbing Centre

3. Trampoline jumping

All kids love trampolines. There’s something about jumping that thrills them. Trampoline jumping is a popular activity you can do with your kids or let them do it on their own. Massive venues with giant trampolines are available for jumping; you just need to find them near you.

An hour of this and your children will be ecstatic. Make some ground rules, or you won’t be able to take them back home. After they start jumping and see how amazing it is, it’s hard to convince them to quit. Also, be aware that they’ll ask for another jumping session every day.

Latitude Birthday Party, Joondalup

4. Driving go-karts

Go-karts or karting is a form of racing that is perfectly suitable for children. Although many adults are professionally racing in karting, these karts are made perfectly to show children how the racing world works. They are tiny but fast enough for them to feel the adrenaline.

Go-kart tracks are available in nearly all cities. These are the tracks where most of the professional rally and F1 drivers started their careers. If you like to see your children be world-famous racers one day, it may be an excellent idea to let them try karting.

PowerPlay Perth

5. Skateboarding and rollerblading

The rise in popularity of the skating sport led to the development of many perfectly created skateparks across many countries. If you want to see your kids ride skateboards or rollerblades, you should get them the best equipment to keep them safe and let them try these skateparks.

Skateboarding is a freeing activity that lets children feel the adrenaline but also instantly shows them how important it is to mind their safety. One small move will take them off balance, and they will lose control over the skateboard leading to falling to the ground. Equip them with a helmet and protection for vital body parts, and let them enjoy themselves.


Not all parents will love the idea of letting their kids climb rocks or go through mountains on a bike, but if you protect them perfectly with all the available safety gear, you have nothing to worry about. Adrenaline parks and activities are designed to let adults and children feel the rush of excitement, a feeling that every person needs from time to time.


Kids love adrenaline activities. If they get the chance to do them together with their parents, they’ll surely enjoy themselves. As a parent, you must show courage and incentivize your kids to try new things. This is the only way to help them become independent in the future and be careful in dangerous situations. Letting them go and take care of themselves is vital.


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