Best Cinnamon Scroll in Perth

There is truly nothing better than a warm cinnamon scroll with spicy cinnamon and sticky cream cheese frosting. Just explaining it to you has me absolutely drooling! After reading that, it is no shock that Perth is going completely mad at the moment trying to find the best cinnamon scroll in the city. 

Whether you call them buns, scrolls, or rolls, these hot places to grab a cinnamon scroll will have you wanting more and more! Check out our expansive list of the very best cinnamon scroll in Perth that you absolutely have to track down! Let’s go!


Cinnamon Scrolls in Perth

North Street Store


If you want real and good old-fashioned cinnamon scrolls, you will find them at North Street Store. After all, it can be pretty hard to beat an old-fashioned cinnamon scroll. Bring your inner child back to life when you go in and purchase the best cinnamon scroll you’ve ever tasted.

North Street Store is famous around Perth, and Australia, due to how good the cinnamon scrolls here are. This is why it is so important to head down early as they sell out fast! Not only do they have some of the best cinnamon scrolls in Perth, but they also offer something that is known as a cinnamon scroll cake.

The cinnamon scroll cake is around the size of ten cinnamon scrolls combined. It is perfect to share or take home for later! Trust us, it is so good you will want to keep it to yourself! 

If you can’t make it down to this store, you can also grab their goodies at other places such as Little Loaf, Big Loaf Factory, and People’s Cafeteria.


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Sugar and Nice


How does the old saying go? Sugar, spice, and all things nice. At this gorgeous little café, this saying proves to be true! 

The cinnamon scrolls here are absolutely to die for. Make sure you get in quickly because this spot is so unbelievably popular, and the cinnamon scrolls sell out extremely fast. They are available every day of the week, you will just have to get in as early as possible to score one.

Sugar and Nice opens its doors at 8:30 am. If you get there just before, you can grab one and kick off your day the right way with a sweet treat. These cinnamon buns have a spiced cinnamon centre, a gorgeous glaze, and the best texture you’ll find.

These scrolls will have you obsessed from the first bite.

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Spirals Cinnamon


This awesome place began all the way back in 2004. Some would even say that they are the first cinnamon scroll sellers of Perth! You can put your full trust in their competence as they are all about slinging out cinnamon scrolls.

They offer a normal, classic cinnamon scroll, as well as a massive range of new and exciting flavours and toppings. Some of these toppings include cream cheese pretzel, salted butterscotch pecan, and honey fennel. They also offer an amazing range of pre-baked scrolls that you can finish off at home in the oven for that freshly baked feeling.

If you want to bake a new cinnamon scroll every day of the week, the pre-baked ones are awesome. Spirals Cinnamon is a top contender for the best cinnamon scrolls in Perth.


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Last Crumb Cake Co


Located to the north of the river, this awesome little location is on everyone’s bucket list. Last Crumb Cake Co is a super popular spot and is known for its amazing cinnamon scrolls and beautiful staff. This store is actually so popular that they had to double their daily production entirely due to the fact that they were selling out.

If you love gooey and moist cinnamon scrolls that aren’t too doughy, you will love these cinnamon rolls.


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Mount Lawley and East Victoria Park

If you’re someone who really loves wacky, new, and exciting flavours, it sounds like you need to head to Sinamon! This store is all about the cinnamon bun. This is why they have put so much time and effort into perfecting their signature cinnamon bun.

However, they have also put in a lot of time when it comes to playing with exciting and new combos. They’ve got normal buns that come as flavours such as chocolate, cinnamon, and hazelnut. They then have favourites like crème Brulee, peanut butter and jam, and maple and pecan. 

Better yet, every month, they bring in a brand-new flavour. This gives you a reason to come back and try a new bun flavour every single month.


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General Public

Inglewood and Scarborough

Many people head to General Public for the pizza. However, they always stay for the cinnamon scrolls! All of the baked goods at General Public are made with delicious sourdough which will have you craving these goods time and time again. 

We aren’t joking! Once you try them, you will be coming back for more. The cinnamon scrolls here are fluffy, soft, and absolutely delicious as you chew them which sets them apart from all other scrolls in Perth. With educated and experienced bakers behind the scenes, it is no shock that the goods here are so excellent. 


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Miller and Baker


If you don’t really like too much sweetness, you should head to Miller and Baker. The cinnamon scrolls here are definitely the ideal treat for people who don’t want to eat too much sugar or can’t stand sweetness. Their signature scroll doesn’t have your usual coverage of sweetness and icing. 

Though, they still have all the love, crunchy edges, and soft, fluffy, inside goodness. The cinnamon flavour in these buns is absolutely unreal. These cinnamon scrolls are also on the smaller side which means that you can easily sneak one with your daily coffee order.


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Carina’s Kitchen

Mount Hawthorn

It can be pretty hard to come to terms with the fact that Carina’s Kitchen is all plant-based, but all the deliciousness is still there. So, don’t be turned away by that. The gooey cinnamon scrolls here are absolutely delicious and well worth a try!

Make sure you check out Carina’s Kitchen for some pretty damn good cinnamon scrolls at a down-to-earth cafe.


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Cinnayum was once a bakery that moved around from market to market. Now, it has its very own brick-and-mortar store in Joondalup! These cinnamon scrolls are loaded and simply next-level!

Their cinnamon scrolls are soft, delicious, and topped with delicious treats. In fact, the fondant on these bad boys is so good that you can buy it by the tub. There are plenty of toppings available for you to choose from.

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Have you ever tasted cinnamon scrolls from any of these places? Let us know what you think of them in the comments below!



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