The Learning Bee

Ever wondered how to teach our kids how to read? Or do you want your kids to accelerate their reading and writing skills? Or perhaps, do your kids need that extra help when they are a bit behind at school? Waste no time and go visit The Learning Bee in Melville. They offer classes suitable for 3 to 9 year olds, in which they teach everything from phonemic awareness up to creative writing.

The Learning Bee

It all started when we moved back to Australia. Coming from a non-English speaking country, we were faced with the difficulty of teaching our daughter on how to read properly. She was faced with a setback and was even told to see a speech therapist. It was then when I was introduced to Learning Bee. That was 2 years ago and I can definitely say that they have been a tremendous help for her. She now reads confidently and writes well in school.

The Learning Bee

It is now my 3-year-old’s turn to attend the class. We have been going to The Learning Bee for more than 6 months and she has been enjoying every single class, which is always facilitated with lovely, qualified and experienced teacher.

The class always starts with a joyful song about all the letters and their sounds in the alphabet. It is amazing to see how the kids are able to pick it up in no time. My daughter even sings the song at home, which is a fun way to keep practicing outside the class.

The Learning Bee

After warming up with the song, we then moved on to play some games. While the games are always different every week, it is always about mastering the letters and their sounds for the younger kids. Some examples of the games are: the fishing game – where each kid has to catch some fish with different letters glued on it. They then have to say the letter and the letter sound aloud. Talk about hitting 2 birds with 1 stone – they are also practicing their motoric skill with this game!

Snakes and ladders is another favorite game where they play in groups, roll the die (learn how to count) and move up the alphabet ladder before stopping and saying the letter and their sound again. This game also teaches the kids some patience since they have to wait for their turns.

Once the games are done, they then moved on to learn the “letter of the day.” They began with tracing the letter with their finger then they try to imitate and make the letter with ropes before ending the activity with tracing the letter with a pencil. Homework is then given out after every lesson. Before the lesson ends, the teacher will then tell a short story and will then ask the kids to re-tell what the story is about.

The Learning Bee’s classes are 40 minutes long (they offer private 1 on 1 lesson as well) and are packed with enjoyable structured learning activities that my daughter always looks forward to (even the homework!)

The Learning Bee


The Learning Bee is located in Marmion Street, Melville. They offer free trials for beginners aged 2.5-4.5 years old and assessment if your child knows their letter sounds or able to read words.


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