Did you know that the benefit of learning musical instruments from a young age has been shown to enhance brain development, language skills as well and emotional intelligence? So, what better gift than gifting your little aspiring musicians the gift of learning music and watching them flourish? With so many music schools around, it can be quite challenging for us parents to choose one that is the right fit for our children.

But at Forte School of Music, kids can come along for a free trial lesson at any of their four locations: Applecross, Canning Vale, Joondalup, or Success, and experience for themselves that music is FUN!

We started at Forte School of Music, Success, when my youngest was 2 years old.

 At that age, class lessons are made extra fun for them to learn music through the use of props and puppets. She is exposed to all kinds of percussion instruments and uses them to learn about beats, rhythm and melody.

I like that from being young they are taught the use of solfege (a system where every note of scale is given its own unique syllable- think Do Re Mi Fa So) through singing songs.

It is a joy to walk into the classroom, as it is always nicely decorated according to the theme of their learning.

As she progresses, class lessons are catered to her level’s needs. They use a set of books in class, and the school has an app that is very handy for kids to utilize for their home practices.

Class lessons are made enjoyable with singing and mini-games. Class size is always kept to a handful, and parents are encouraged to stay in class to reinforce their learning.

There is also a dedicated play area for the younger siblings to play so that classes are not interrupted.

My oldest, Missy 9 is currently taking their private lesson and the school has been very supportive of her doing her AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) piano exam.

The school also offers private lessons on guitar, violin, singing and drums.

I can say that the teachers at Success are well-trained. They are all specialists in their areas and passionate about teaching their students.

I like that they encourage the kids to do their home practices by giving them coupons, which they can use to redeem gifts at the reward counter. This is definitely a huge motivation for my girls to keep playing their piano!

As it is a small school, you get a sense of a tight-knit community, especially during the school’s annual concert.

 The kids worked hard all year to perform their concert pieces during classes and finally got to showcase them during the concert to their loved ones. This boosts the kids’ confidence, and they learn that their consistent effort does pay off!

Over the years, I can see that Missy 6 is gradually developing her musical skills through music reading, theory, and playing by ear. And despite playing her piano every day, she is still enjoying it a lot!

So, come on in and give it a try at your nearest Forte School of Music!


Forte School of Music, Success

2 Brushfoot Blvd, Success, WA 6164  





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