Car Games For Kids

Travelling on a long road trip with kids can be testing. How about giving the electronics a break and have a go at some of these old school games!

Just as the name suggests, spot things that you drive past. You can choose anything to be target. Road signs, green cars, buses etc. The first person to see the target yells “SPOTTO!!” And gets 1 point. Collect as many points as you can before you reach the destination.

Car Games For Kids

An oldie but a goodie, everyone knows I spy! Take turns being the spy “I spy something with my little eye, something beginning with …..”. For littlies that can’t spell what they see try using the colour of the object they see instead.

One of our favourites. Going around the car clockwise starting with the driver, you work your way through the alphabet. Choose a subject, the first person names something to do with that subject starting with “A”, next person “B” and so on. Some letters are easy, some are next to impossible (if playing consecutive games switch the start person around so the same person doesn’t get stuck with “X” every time!).
Try topics such as-
•things you can see outside of the car
•things you want to see/do at your destination
•seasonal ie: summer, winter
•holidays ie: Christmas, Easter

Not so well known, this one is great for kids that are a bit older. It’s fantastic for practising those math skills on holidays! This one is better suited to country highways rather than urban traffic. To play, youngest goes first, they are the “batsman”. All oncoming traffic counts as their “runs” (they must pass your car, cars on side streets etc don’t count). Big semis and road trains count for 6 runs, any car/Ute towing something (trailer, caravan, boat, horse float) is 4 runs. Everything else (cars, motorbikes, small trucks, buses) is 1 run. Beware, if a red vehicle of any type passes you you’re out and it’s someone’s turn. The player with the most runs wins. It’s very exciting (and a lot of adding up) if you pass a convoy of caravans!


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