Perth Mango Farm

Perth Mango Farm is open pick your own mangoes for the 2024 season from Saturday 10th Feb until Mid April.

Mango has got to be my all-time favourite fruit. It is such a versatile fruit from eating it as it is, blended into a smoothie, cakes ice cream and the list goes on. When I chanced upon a mango farm, in PERTH, I jumped at the opportunity to visit one. Seeing as it is going to be a cloudy cool day today, I gathered the family and we visited the Perth Mango Farm, which is located at 105 Wattle Avenue, West Neerabup. There were signs along the way as we approached the farm so it was pretty easy to find.

As it was the first day the farm is open for this season, there was hardly anyone there. And also as it is the start of the season, most of the mangoes on the tree were still green. There were two different sizes of mangoes that were available on the tree. The big huge ones and also the little ones which were seedless. We got to sample the small ones as there were riper and oh boy! We were in mango heaven! As the entire farm is pesticide and insecticide-free, we were told we could even eat the skin. So basically we pretty much ate the entire mango. Like their Facebook page for up to date information on the latest pricing and also which mangoes are ripe for picking.

Perth Mango Farm

Pick-your-own pricing for the Perth Mango farm is as follows:
The entry price to the orchard $10 for ages 10 years and older and $5 per child (under 10 years)
$10/kg for pick your own mangoes
Or you can just go there and buy the mangoes from the shed (price $10 per kg).
Cash is preferred.
Bring your own bags. 

Perth Mango Farm

Parking and toilets are located just outside the shed. There is a no stroller policy at the farm. The trees are pretty close to the entrance so you don’t really have to walk too far to gather these golden nuggets. And also no knives are allowed.

After paying the entry fee, you’re supplied with disposable gloves as the sap from the mangoes can be toxic to some skin. You’re also supplied with a bucket and a stick picker for the mangoes that are high up the tree. You also get to sample the mangoes as you pick them.

Perth Mango Farm


We had heaps of fun just wandering around the farm, spotting the ripe mangoes and enjoying the entire place to ourselves! We ate so many mangoes I don’t think we’ll be getting scurvy anytime soon.

Perth Mango Farm

It was overall such a wonderful experience and we will definitely be back again when the season is in full swing.


Perth Mango Farm

105 Wattle Avenue, West Neerabup
Weds- Sun: 9am – 6pm
Season fromnow until mid April

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