Kinder Beat with Shell

Looking for a class that will get your child moving and learning? It’s time to get your groove on and join in the fun at Kinder Beat with Shelley in Iluka.

Shelley offers music and movement classes for babies to kindy age groups, as well as music and massage for infants.

My two-year-old and I had the best morning when we joined this joyful and energetic music class. 

Kinder Beat with Shelley

After a cautious start, my son was quick to join in the fun – running and jumping to the beat, swishing scarves high and low, and shaking chime balls before rolling them through tunnels.

Kinder Beat with Shelley

To kick things off, Shelley has us rocking and bouncing the children. There are immediate smiles around the room and Shelley says this movement is helping to stimulate the children’s vestibular – balance and motion.

Next up, the children experiment with percussion instruments like seashell clappers, castanets, tapping sticks and bells. It was fascinating to see the look of concentration on my son’s face as he tried to use the tapping sticks as Shelley showed us.

Kinder Beat with Shelley

As we get out drums, Shelley explains she is teaching kids walking, running and jumping beats. It was such an experience to hear the kids making music on all the different drums, including a drum that the kids can sit on. Shelley’s class is as much about feeling the beat and learning rhythm as it is making music.

Kinder Beat with Shelley

Shelley has a beautiful singing voice that carries us through each activity. Her class really is magical!

By the time the colourful scarves came out, all the kids are running around to the music, playing peek-a-boo and throwing their scarves in the air. It is pure delight. 

Kinder Beat with Shelley

The fun and learning continue when Shelley gets the bubble machine out. She encourages the children to pop and clap the masses of bubbles high and low.

Kinder Beat with Shelley

Next, it’s time for ball play as the kids shake chime balls and squeeze squishy balls before rolling the balls and crawling through tunnels. 

Kinder Beat with Shelley

While the kids are busy having all this fun, Shelley points out that we are we working on their fine and gross motor skills. Shelley, an experienced primary school teacher, explains that music is the foundation for all our learning and by engaging children in music they are learning literacy, numeracy and emotional skills.

When it’s time to calm down, Shelley gets out blankets and cuddly toys for a magic carpet ride led by the parents while she plays the piano. It is so soothing and by the end of it everyone is ready for a nap!

Kinder Beat with Shelley

Shelley’s classes are built on routine and structure, and it’s clear that all the kids thrive knowing what’s coming next. Even packing away is a joy in Shelley’s class as the kids eagerly run around to collect balls and toys.

We loved Shelley’s class. The group was so warm and welcoming, it was a really enjoyable 45 minutes for me as well as my child. As a bonus, us parents and carers also had a pretty good workout and a lot of laughs. 

For children aged 3-5, Shelley offers music classes that introduce playing the piano. I can’t wait for this!

Kinder Beat with Shelley
All of Shelley’s classes are held at the Joondalup Sports Association in Iluka during term time. For all the details about her wonderful programs, visit Piano Maestro’s with Shelley.

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