Greenbushes Mine Lookout

I love to break up a long road trip by exploring on the way to a holiday destination. Recently we enjoyed a family break in the Manjimup/Pemberton Southern Forest region and we found a few gems on the way there, giving us an opportunity to stop, discover something new and what I found was there was less of the dreaded “are we there yet?” question! A little stop just off South Western Highway is the town of Greenbushes.

Found just north of Donnybrook, Greenbushes is best known for it’s open cut mine that is very close to the town – like in the town! Besides Kalgoorlie’s famous Super Pit, there aren’t a lot of opportunities for kids to see a mine in person, since most of them are located so remotely. Since mining is so prevalent in WA, and so many kids have a parent that are FIFO, it is a brilliant opportunity for them to have a peek at a mine – and best of all it’s free.

The Greenbushes pit lookout is well signposted and there is a carpark at the bottom of a staggered footpath/ramp. It is accessible for strollers and wheelchairs, but a little steep. There are a couple of benches on the way up.

Greenbushes Mine Lookout

I had a particular interest in checking out this mine, as I worked for former mining great Son’s of Gwalia 20 years ago, when they owned the tantalum mine. Now it’s known for being the world’s largest hard-rock lithium mine.

Little Chef was fascinated by the deep, open cut Cornwall Pit, which was the old tantalum mine until 2003. The steep pit ramps go around and around, leading to the old underground mine. In the distance, you can see where they are currently mining.

Greenbushes Mine Lookout

Around the lookout area, there’s a covered information point, with an extensive history of the mine and area.

Greenbushes Mine Lookout

Also at the lookout is a huge tyre from a mine truck, historical building and picnic table.

Greenbushes Mine Lookout

In the small town there is a Discovery Centre, with more information on the area, including interactive displays. Unfortunately, this was closed when we stopped by on a Friday.

Greenbushes Mine Lookout

Find the Greenbushes Mine Lookout at 5 Telluride St, Greenbushes.

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