Decadance Joondalup

Decadance is the ultimate party destination for kids in Joondalup. Kids absolutely love this place! The music is pumping, the disco ball is rotating, and kids can dance along to their favourite tunes on the big screen.

Decadance Joondalup

Decadance is disco heaven for kids aged 3-10 years. The Decadance team know how to have fun. As well as playing the latest kid-friendly hits, there are party games that will have even the most reluctant kid on the dance floor.

Decadance Joondalup
There’s seating around the dance floor so you can watch the kids dance off some energy. Until it’s time for the parents’ dance when your child will drag you onto the dance floor to shake your tail feather. You’re warned. But all in the name of good fun!

Decadance Joondalup

The Decadance team let the kids know when it’s time to go to their party table for food and a drink. There are kids party favourites including fairy bread, nuggets and sausage rolls, before cake time.  The food is always hoovered up by the partygoers, and the Decadance team will helpfully slice the cake for you.

Decadance Joondalup

Decadance Joondalup

A kiosk is available to purchase coffee, refreshments, snacks and glow toys. Eftpos is available.

Decadance Joondalup

Decadance is open for parties every day of the week, except Mondays. On Friday nights, parties are reserved for 8–13-year-olds.


Decadance can accommodate large groups of up to 80 guests (year group disco perhaps?) or you can hire the venue for special functions.

Parties here run so smoothly and are an easy, all-inclusive option. There is loud music and light effects that some kids may find overstimulating. But my six-year-old always has the best time here. She loves that it’s a proper disco with coloured lights and a smoke machine.

Decadance Joondalup

Did you know, Decadance also runs school holiday sessions? For just $15 per child, kids will have an absolute blast as they dance and party non-stop for two hours! No need to book, just come along 12.45-2.45pm, Wednesdays-Fridays during school holidays.

Decadance Joondalup

Decadance is located at 15 Royce Court (Off Winton Road) Joondalup. Contact (08) 9301 5828. Visit more information.

Decadance Joondalup

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1 Comment
  1. James 5 years ago

    Trying to be as fair as possible here – I really don’t agree with your review, we booked it on the basis of some excellent reviews we had read.

    Unfortunately for my daughters Birthday Party, there was another (Much Larger) group booked at the same time, The other groups behaviour was very poor (Not the venues fault) and the venue staff did very little to control this and stop it from negatively impacting my daughters party.

    The design of the venue is quite poor, Our party of 14 was set up in the far corner next to the toilets. The other group had the remainder of the party area, which was in between our area and the dancing room. This meant that every time somebody from our party wanted to go to the dancing area, they were forced to walk through the other party group, which was extremely awkward and difficult as they wouldn’t get out of the way.

    I raised my concerns to who I believe was the Owner, He told me that he agreed with me that it was a poor design but he can’t do anything about it.

    Our group left the “Dancing Area” half way through to do Cake & Celebration, we would’ve been out of the dancing area for at least 20 minutes, allowing the other group exclusive access to the dancing area.

    When it came time for the switch, Most of the other group only left the dancing area for 2-3 minutes maximum. Giving our group absolutely no exclusive time for the children to enjoy. On top of this, the other children were rude and obnoxious (As were the parents) and during the games and roller toy activities, they would not share with our children, so again, shuffled to the side and our children were very upset, a number of them crying (Not ideal for a “Party”) – The staff were watching this happen and did nothing.

    I mentioned to the staff doing the music, at the very start of the party, that our daughters theme was Disney (As you would’ve guessed anyway with the princess theming) – I asked for them to play at least 50% Disney Songs for our group (Fair considering we were 50% of the groups booked in for the day) – This request fall on deaf ears, with only Two Disney songs played the entire 2 hour party.

    Over All – It was an expensive party, and I saw zero value, The staff did absolutely nothing to ensure our group had an enjoyable time despite the other groups behaviour. I am very disappointed and would not return unless I was guaranteed to be the only group there.

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