Whiteman Park has long been a haven for nature enthusiasts and families seeking a unique outdoor experience. One of the park’s standout attractions is the Kids Woylie Walk, a captivating journey into the nocturnal world of native wildlife. The Kids Woylie Walk offers a rare opportunity to witness some of Australia’s most endangered creatures in a natural, protected habitat.

Before setting off on our adventure, we gathered for a short film that offered a glimpse into the wonders awaiting us, followed by the opportunity to get an up close look at two of the park’s education animals, Kate and Pretzel. 

As dusk descended, we stepping through the electric fence into Woodland Reserve. Woodland Reserve is Whiteman Park’s conservation facility, a crucial sanctuary for endangered Western Australian animals. Our senses were heightened as we listened for the croaks of resident frogs and observed the subtle movements of nocturnal creatures. My boys, armed with their red low output torches provided for the tour, eagerly took on the role of assistant tour guides, helping point out animals and guiding us through the darkness.

The true highlight of our adventure was the soft-release enclosure, where we found ourselves face to face with the critically endangered woylies and quendas. Armed with cups of peanuts, we watched in awe as these gentle marsupials fed at our feet. 

The Kids Woylie Walk experience is not only an opportunity for unforgettable memories but also a chance to contribute to the conservation efforts of Woodland Reserve. Bookings are essential, with funds from tour fees directly supporting the upkeep of the Reserve and its inhabitants. You can book online or by calling (08) 9209 6000. 


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Kellie Elliott is a busy mum of four who enjoys adventuring around Perth with her children and sharing her journeys and experiences on Instagram at Perth Mum Adventures.

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