Love them or hate them! It is time for the elves to come out and play! Keeping things new and fun can be hard so we have put together 50 Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas, as well as a couple of tips and tricks to get you through the festive season. So if you are asking yourself “What can I do with the elf tonight?” then read on!

Tip number one, add wire into your elf’s arms and legs, this is a super easy hack that allows your elf to be more flexible and sit in different positions. The wire can easily push through the end of the hands and feet, so no sewing is required!

Elf on the shelf


1) What do you do on the first night of Elf on the Shelf? You welcome Your Elf Back!

Our elf always brings the kids their advent calendar and a gift for the Christmas tree. He also leaves the children a little note to remind them he is watching and not to touch him otherwise he will lose his magic!

Elf on the shelf


2) Elf Angels

Elf angels can be made out of anything! Sprinkles, flours, coconut, sugar… whatever you have in the cupboard! I have even seen it done with cornflakes.

Elf on the shelf

3) Help Your Elf

Your elf doesn’t always have to make a mess… sometimes they might just need a helping hand.

Elf on the shelf

4) Hide & Seek

Play hide and seek with your elf, the most obvious spots are sometimes the hardest to find.

Elf on the shelf

5) Netflix & Chill

Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy a bowl of popcorn and a good movie.

Elf on the shelf

6) School Camp

Have a child going on their end of year school camp? Do something special just for them.

Elf on the shelf

7) Brush Your Teeth

Sometimes it is all about sending the right message… good dental health is a pretty important message your elf can help teach your child.

Elf on the shelf

8) Barbie Dream House Elf

Barbie makes a great best friend for any Elf on the Shelf… HINT make sure Barbie is dressed first 😉

Elf on the shelf


9) Stuff the Elf in a Balloon

The kids will love popping their elf free from a balloon! If you don’t mind the mess add some confetti in the balloon with him or her.

Elf on the shelf

10) Have a ball

Something a little easier for those late nights.

Elf on the shelf

11) Minecraft Elf

This one is worth the little bit of extra effort and glueing! Free templates are available online. Minecraft Santa. Minecraft TNT. Minecraft Creeper. Minecraft Sword.

Elf on the shelf

12) Scanning Mischief

Have your elf do some different poses on the scanner. My kids loved this and took the scanned copies to school for news.

Elf on the shelf

13) Graduation Elf

Have a child graduating this year? Create your own origami graduation hat for your elf to mark the special occasion.

Elf on the shelf

14) Last Day of School

Even your elf will want to celebrate the last day of school!

Elf on the shelf

15) Warning Notice

Have a naughty child? Put them on notice and let them know their elf will not return until bad behaviour changes!

Elf on the shelf


16) Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Build a snowman out of toilet paper.

Elf on the shelf

17) Rainbow Magic

Do a little science experiment with the kids by adding some hot water to skittles.

Elf on the shelfElf on the shelf

18) Unexpected Gifts

Wrap something they already own, our elf wrapped the TV, remote & iPads.

Elf on the shelf

19) Cheeky Moustaches

Have your elf draw moustaches on the kids while they sleep. TIP use a whiteboard marker so it washes off easily.

Elf on the shelf

20) Head Cold

Freeze your elf’s head in a cup… just make sure you wake up before the kids 😉 and defrost him and dry him out ready for his next adventure.

Elf on the shelf

21) Does Your Elf Like Cake?

Have your elf help himself to a slice of cake. Your elf can even gift the rest of Mrs Claus’ homemade cake to the family as a special treat. Also, a great idea if you have a December birthday in your family.

Elf on the shelf

22) PiratesAhoy!

This boat and pirate costume are from My Magical Moments. The inflatable drink holders from Kmart would also work really well. TIP add a splash of food colouring to make the water blue.

Elf on the shelf

23) SpiderElf

Hang your elf from the ceiling wearing a Spiderman mask, if you have a white rope to hang him it looks like a web.

Elf on the shelf

24) Elf’s Menu Planner

Ever wondered what elves eat for dinner? Have your elf do a meal plan.

Elf on the shelf

25) Cup Stacking

Have your elf stack a tower of plastic cups. The cups are reusable or great for playing a game of Speed Stacks with the kids.

Elf on the shelf

26) Troublesome Toddlers

Have toddlers who can’t keep their hands off the Christmas tree? Have your elf leave a note reminding them the Christmas tree is for looking not touching. Christmas tree costume from My Magical Moments.

Elf on the shelf

27) Time For a Shave

Have your elf shave his beard with daddy’s razor!

Elf on the shelf

28) Farts in a Jar

Are you kids brave enough to sell an elf fart?

Elf on the shelf

29) Oops!

Did you forget to move your elf? A sorry note fixes everything!

Elf on the shelf

30) Treasure Hunt

Hide some candy canes in a room, set the timer and challenge your kids to find them all!

Elf on the shelf

31) Sticky Situation

Things might get a little sticky if the toilet roll is replaced with a roll of sticky tape.

Elf on the shelf

32) Santa’s Favourite Milk

On Christmas Eve make sure the fridge is stocked with Santa’s favourite milk!

Elf on the shelf

33) Beans on Toast

A different type of beans the kids are used to I’m sure.

Elf on the shelf

34) Reindeer Poop

Yum! Reindeer poop tastes just like chocolate-covered sultanas 😉

Elf on the shelf

35) Funny Faces

Sticking a funny face on your elf is another super easy one when you’re time-poor.

Elf on the shelf

36) Dinner Date

Enjoy a burger and chips with a friend. Accessories from Kmart.

Elf on the shelf

37) Snowball Fight

Have your elf find some friends around the house for a snowball fight. Mini marshmallows, scrunched up paper and cotton balls all make great snowballs.

Elf on the shelf

38) Grated

A grated carrot is a sad carrot!

Elf on the shelf

39) Feeding Ducks

Feed some rubber duckies in the bathroom sink.

Elf on the shelf

40) Snowman

Water + carrot + chocolate buttons + googly eyes = a melted snowman all the way from the North Pole

Elf on the shelf

41) Shoe Train

All aboard the shoe-shoe train!

Elf on the shelf

42) Bubble Bath

Even elves enjoy a relaxing bubble bath!

Elf on the shelf

43) Guess Who?

Challenge Batman to a game of Guess Who?

Elf on the shelf

44) Mechanic

Grab some tools and fix Barbie’s car.

Elf on the shelf

45) Toastie

It is cold outside… but it is toastie in here!

Elf on the shelf

46) Nutella

These Nutella jars are only $2 each and make for the perfect elf size late-night snack.

Elf on the shelf

47) Peppermints Poo

When you eat a lot of candy canes… what else do you expect your poo to look like?

Elf on the shelf

48) Hubba Bubba

Blow some giant bubble gum bubbles with a whole roll of bubble tape!

Elf on the shelf

49) Give to Get!

Teaching our children the concept of charity from an early age is an invaluable gift that lasts a lifetime.

Elf on the shelf

50) Balloon Shower

Fill the shower with balloons, pop your elf inside one for an extra surprise. Click here for video reaction.

Elf on the shelf

You can purchase Elf on the Shelf from Amazon and other retailers.


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