Sugar & Nice, Inglewood

Sugar & Nice in Inglewood is a kid-friendly cafe as sweet as the name implies. With a kids corner with boxes of books and small toys, there is lots to keep little hands busy while you enjoy a coffee or a treat.

On walking in, the sweet treats on the counter caught Miss 4.5’s eye. Around the till and coffee machine are jars of chocolates, cookies and lollies. Some of these are order style sweets such as musk sticks and sherbert ice cream cones, which she loves. However, instead of stuffing ourselves with tempting sweets, we grabbed a menu and picked out some lunch.

The menu at Sugar & Nice isn’t divided up into adults and kids food, but includes options that both would enjoy. For our visit, Miss 4.5 opted for a ‘Bowl of Nostalgia’ for lunch. This is a bowl of your favourite childhood cereal such as Cocopops, Fruit Loops or Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. Her Fruit Loops came served in a beautiful retro glass dessert bowl with a little jar of milk, so you can add as much or as little milk as you’d like.

Miss decided to pair this choice with a Frecklepants cookie; a shortbread-style cookie, dipped in chocolate and freckles. I didn’t get to taste the cookie, but judging by how quickly it was gobbled up, it was good!

For my own lunch, I chose the Ham and Oozy Cheese Croissant. This is a French croissant filled with smoky Prague ham from Black Pig Deli next door, melty Colby cheese, a creamy bechamel sauce and Kewpie mayo. The combination of creamy, crunchy and smoky tastes and textures was delicious! Probably the best croissant I’ve had. I also had a latte, which came in a HUGE mug. The coffee at Sugar & Nice is Darkstar Coffee, a locally roasted blend.

That was one of the things I immediately loved about Sugar & Nice; They are trying to support other local businesses, which is really important.

Other tasty options include banana bread, coconut bread, muffins, mac & cheese, and bagels, including a delicious looking sun-dried tomato, cream cheese and avo bagel. Yum!  

One of the more unusual and intriguing options is a bacon and cheese Cheetos cookie. While I didn’t get to try this one out, it sounds perfect if you love sweet and savoury flavours blended together.

The atmosphere at Sugar & Nice is chilled out. With 50s and 60s tunes like The Rolling Stones, Buddy Holly and The Supremes playing over the stereo and soft lighting, its a fun retro-style cafe to relax at on a weekend or perhaps for meeting up with the grandparents. We found the staff friendly and eager to make sure we were comfortable.

Miss 4.5 discovered the kids corner with toys and books shortly after another family arrived. Their son headed straight for the toys, and she followed. We also found a stack of high chairs tucked away here for littler diners. Miss 4.5 had fun discovering the different figurines and wind up toys in the boxes.

The rear part of the cafe, adjacent to the kids toys, includes some giftware. This includes jewellery, cards, candles, lunchboxes and mugs, small children’s wear, bookmarks and badges.

As well as indoor seating, there are a couple of tables located outside the front door in a shaded area. Both inside and outside have plenty of space for parking a pram or to pull out a high chair. On a wall around the corner, there is a colourful mural of a cow painted by artist Anya Brock. Perfect for a cow selfie or for a fun kids photo.

For families with dogs or just on the go, there is a coffee window available from 7am. This also stocks yummy treats for your doggo. A win for the whole family.

Sugar & Nice, Inglewood

Located at 1/882 Beaufort Street, Inglewood.

Sugar & Nice is open 7am to 5pm seven days a week.

Street parking is available, however, we opted to park across the street behind the Inglewood Library. In doing this, we also enjoyed the Monster Hunt in the shady Town Square in front of the library.

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