Let the games begin! Playing sport is a whole heap of fun and many Perth playgrounds include sporting facilities like basketball courts, netball rings, table tennis tables, AFL goals and more! These are perfect if you have older children or tweens that are growing out of playing on more traditional playgrounds. All you have to do is BYO ball! Ready… Set Go… and see our ultimate guide to playgrounds in Perth with sporting facilities here:

North of Perth

Picasso Park, Alkimos

Picasso Park, Alkimos Vista

The enormous Picasso Park, with hot pink slides, has a full-size basketball court. There’s hoops on each end of the court, along with netball rings. The playground also features a table tennis table, hopscotch, AFL goal posts, yoga area and exercise equipment. Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find Picasso Park at 16 Picasso Promenade, Alkimos.


Kinkuna Park, Eglinton

Kinkuna Adventure Playground, Eglinton

Kinkuna Park is a brilliant spot for all ages with a big wooden fort and water play. In addition, there’s a fenced-off basketball court for shooting hoops or practicing your dribbling skills. It also be used for a game of cricket or soccer. The fence is handy for keeping toddlers from wandering onto the court! Fitness equipment for older kids and adults is also found here. Read more in the Buggybuddys review. 

Find Kinkuna Park at Revolution Avenue, Eglinton.


Hesperia Park, Ellenbrook

Hesperia Park, Ellenbrook

Hesperia Park in western Ellenbrook has a half basketball court, which also features a netball ring. So be sure to remember your ball! There’s also plenty of grass for a game of football, and fitness equipment – and of course that massive slide! Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find Hesperia Park at Goodwood Cres, Ellenbrook (very close to the Tonkin Highway exit).


Pegasus Park, Bennett Springs

Pegasus Park, Bennett Springs

If your kids love little athletics, they’ll absolutely love Pegasus Park – quite possibly the BEST sporting playground in Perth!! The Olympic themed play space includes a range of kids’ activities inspired by sport, with a half-court basketball court, netball ring, and even a cricket pitch with built-in wickets, fielders and scoreboard. Kids can practice their soccer skills by dribbling the ball through rings.

Pegasus Park, Bennett Springs

Kids will love to sprint around the 50-metre running track – there’s even a 10-metre sprint, long jump and hurdles! And of course no Olympic park is complete without the winners podium! Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Pegasus Park, Bennett Springs

Find Pegasus Park at 241 Coast Rd, Bennett Springs.


Scarborough Beach Foreshore

In the middle of the park, that features the Whale Playground, as well as the excellent snake Pit Skate Park, there is a half-court basketball court to shoot some hoops. A climbing wall is a challenge for all ages and is surrounded by a padded floor. Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find the Scarborough Beach Foreshore at


Montario Playground, Shenton Park

Montario Playground, Shenton Park

Older kids, teens and adults haven’t been forgotten at the Montario Playground, which has a well-equipped spots and exercise area with a basketball ring. There’s two ping pong tables, and lots of markings on the ground to play games and running races. An exercise area, has lots of equipment for chin ups, stepping and more. There’s even a mini AFL oval, complete with goal posts. Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find Montario Playground at Ellis Griffiths Drive and Selby St, Shenton Park.


Wiluna Park, Midvale

Willuna Park, Midvale

If you have a little soccer fan, be sure to take a ball along to Wiluna Park. Here they can bend it like Beckham or dribble like Drogba on the grassed area with brightly painted soccer goals. Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find Wiluna Park at Willuna Street, Midvale.


Other NoR Playgrounds with Sporting Facilities


South of Perth

Optus Stadium Sensory Playground, Burswood

Optus Stadium Sensory Playground

This fenced park on the Swan River includes a basketball court. Optus Stadium Sensory Playground is a great park to spend a few hours at, and also check out the equipment and artwork around Chevon Parkland and stadium park. Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find Optus Stadium Sensory Playground at 333 Victoria Park Dr, Burswood.


John MacMillian Park, Victoria Park

John MacMillan Park, Victoria Park

The redeveloped John MacMillian Park now features a basketball hoop, ping pong table (bring your own bats and balls!) and markings on the ground to yard play games. There is a large expanse of grass perfect for running about and enjoying ball games. Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find John MacMillian Park at 27 Sussex St, East Victoria Park.


Northern Parklands, Bentley

Playgrounds with Sporting Facilities

There’s a street games strip which is such a great idea and includes hopscotch, noughts and crosses, basketball and netball, a climbing frame mini obstacle course and mini skateboarding course. Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find the Northern Parklands at 25 Taree Street, Bentley.


Shoreline Nature Play Park, North Coogee

Though Shoreline Park is mainly nature play based, the parkland also includes a half basketball court, table tennis/ping pong table and a tennis wall where kids can practice their tennis swing. Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find Shoreline Nature Play Park at MacTaggart Cove, North Coogee


Mason Green Park, Piara Waters

Mason Green Park, Piara Waters

Be sure to take along a ball or two to Mason Green Park! There’s AFL goals, perfect for trying to recreate a Dockers or Eagles winning goal. There’s also a marked half-basketball court, great for a game of one on one. Behind the basketball court is an exercise area, with equipment for sit ups, chin ups and handy instructions on how to do each exercise. Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find Mason Green Park at Willowdale Promenade, Piara Waters.


Explorer Park, Sienna Wood

Explorer Park, Sienna Wood

As well as the immense tree of life slide, the Explorer park playground is a sports lovers dream! There’s a colourful half basketball court, which includes a basketball hoop and netball ring, as well as a wall for target practice and rock climbing. Explorer Park also includes a large sports oval with a pitch and cricket nets. Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find Explorer Park at Silverthrone Road & Duarte Way, Haynes.


Shipwreck Park, Sienna Wood

Shipwreck Park, Sienna Wood

If your kids are too old for the amazing ship play structure, they may like to hang out at the full sized basket ball court, which also includes a couple of table tennis tables – perfect for a mini tournament! Read more in the Buggybuddys review.

Find Shipwreck Park at the corner of Forrest Road and Eleventh Road, Sienna Wood, Hilbert.


Other SoR Playgrounds with Sporting Facilities

Have we mentioned your favourite playgrounds with sporting facilities in Perth? If not, let us know in the comments below!

Find more playgrounds in Perth here.

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