True wine enthusiasts cannot compare any activities to a wine-tasting tour. Bouncing from one winery to the other and sipping on the best wines as you explore the region’s exciting wine trail is truly satisfying. Unfortunately, whether you are enjoying a few bottles with friends or a seasoned collector, wine drinkers often get some things wrong. Below are a few mistakes to avoid from seasoned experts from Tastes of the Hunter Wine Tours.


1.  Taking Wine at the Wrong Temperature

The common public or restaurant notion is that red wine should be served warm, while white wine should be served cold. However, serving wine at extremely cold temperatures suppresses its flavors and aromas. Cold temperatures affect perfumed or fruity white wines, such as Torrente’s, Riesling, and Gewurztraminer. On the other hand, red wine tastes off when served too warm. Similarly, its fruity flavors and aromatic notes taste dull at room temperatures.

Ideal temperatures for white wine should be between 49 and 55 degrees. Sweet white and light white wines, such as Pinot Grigio, should be served at slightly lower temperatures of 40 to 50 degrees.

The perfect serving temperatures for red wine are between 62 and 68 degrees. While this is below most room temperatures, these are the temperatures of most family-friendly restaurants. If the surrounding environment is very hot, you can keep your bottle of red wine in the fridge for 10 or 15 minutes before serving.


2.  Pouring Too Much Wine

Another common rookie mistake to avoid when wine tasting is pouring too much wine into your glass. While you can easily fill your glass amidst the excitement, small pours allow you to enjoy every glass and sip to maximum effect.

Wine glasses have a long design with extra upper space. Besides preventing spills, this design allows drinkers to swirl their wine before drinking. Swirling introduces some oxygen into the wine to bring out the various aromas.

You should pour wine into the widest part of the glass. This provides maximum surface area for the wine to aerate when swirled. If you aren’t comfortable swirling mid-air, place the wine glass on a solid surface and move it in small circles. Remember to sniff before sipping and take note of the flavours.


3.  Thinking a Wine-tasting Room Is a Bar

All tour destinations have rules and regulations, and wine tasting tours aren’t an exception. You shouldn’t mistake a wine tasting room for a bar. While some behaviours can be tolerated, they are inappropriate in these situations. 


4.  Not Leaving With a Bottle or Two

Wine tasting rooms are the best place to buy one or several bottles of your favourite wine or wine that can only be found at the winery. Just like visiting a new city or taking your kids to different destinations, you should bring back a souvenir. If you are travelling to another country, the winery can ship your bottles to your preferred destination.


5.  Not Asking for Recommendations

You should take advantage of wine tasting tours to explore different wine varieties. Fortunately, the winery staff is best positioned to provide insightful recommendations. Working in the winery means they get to taste a lot of wine. If a staff member in the winery is serving you, ask them to suggest where you should head next. There’s a good chance their recommendation might be something you aren’t familiar with.


6.  Showing Up With a Large Group Unannounced

Most tasting rooms actually have policies that they cannot admit those who come in groups, be it in a limo or a bus unless they call in advance. These regulations are meant to keep their environment civil since most large groups have a common goal of getting tipsy. If you have planned a wine tasting party with friends, make sure you call in advance. In addition, plan your trip with accredited wine tasting tour service providers.


7.        Going On an Empty Stomach 

Not all wines have the same alcohol concentration, so you may get tipsy sooner than expected when wine-tasting. This may cut you off the adventurous wine-tasting spree. Always eat something before a wine tasting tour, and where possible, pack some snacks and your favourite water bottle. Be sure that you have a designated driver for your return trip in case you have a bit too much to drink.



Whether you are a seasoned wine lover or a newbie, you can save yourself from embarrassment by avoiding the mistakes mentioned above.



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