You’ve been slowly collecting a list of outdoor activities to do with your family. Finally, the schedule is clear for everyone!

Now is the perfect time to pull out that list. With so many new products in the market, you might even want to consider getting a few items for the trip—like a sand free beach towels, which are perfect for any activity!

Your Game Plan

Before you pack the whole family into the car, it’s best to create a plan first. This will help you ensure you have all that you need for the trip. You wouldn’t want to have your trip hampered because things were not thought through, would you?

Planning and looking into details may be daunting to some people. By using the following checklist, it will be a great way to start your planning stage.


  1. Destination

The choices for an outdoor trip are endless. Will it be on the water, on land, up the mountain, or in the desert? How much are you willing to spend?

With so many choices to choose from, how do you know if the place you’ve chosen suits everyone in the family? A great way to start is to hold a family meeting.

List down what everyone likes to do individually and together. As everyone has different preferences, the list can help to narrow down the places you can go. Besides, having an agreement with your family won’t only kickstart the excitement way before the trip starts, it will also encourage accountability.


  1. Research

After you have decided on where to go, the next step is to do some research. If you’re not able to find the information online, you can consider reaching out to the hosts. After all, there’s nothing wrong with being informed before the trip begins.

The following questions might be helpful while researching.

  1. Will the place be open during your traveling period?
  2. What are the peak hours? This will be helpful if you decide to avoid the crowd.
  3. What are the reviews and ratings given by other visitors?
  4. What does the place provide? This will have a huge bearing on what to pack for the trip.

With the final destination decided and confirmed, it’s time to look into your packing list. The perfect packing list is subject to individual needs and locations. Nevertheless, here’s a general guideline that may be of help:


  1. Clothing

Since you will be doing a lot of outdoor activities, consider packing clothes that are appropriate for the weather. If the weather is going to be hot, try to avoid bringing cotton-based clothing. Lightweight, moisture-wicking shirts and shorts will be more suitable to keep you cool and dry.

Here are some extra items to consider:

  1. Swimwear
  2. Rain/Windproof Jacket
  3. Thermal Underwear
  4. Disposable Undergarments
  5. Pyjamas
  6. Socks
  7. Cap/hat

The general rule of thumb is to pack one set of clothing for each day of the trip. However, there’s no harm in packing a few extras for emergency use. If you are concerned with space in your luggage, you can roll up your clothes into small bundles. This will free up more space for other things.


  1. Footwear

Imagine walking around with blisters on your feet while you are on holiday. That will surely dampen your trip, wouldn’t you say?

The right footwear is so essential when you are enjoying the outdoor. Consider the following shoes for different activities:

  1. Water Shoes – These are great for protecting your feet while doing your water sports. They will fit snugly around your ankle so that there’s no risk of losing your shoes while enjoying the water.
  2. Hiking Shoes – For enthusiastic hikers, a good pair of hiking shoes is a must to bring. They are designed to give your feet and ankle the needed support while trekking through rough terrains.
  3. Sandals – These are for the leisure walks you take with your families.


  1. Toiletries

Toiletries can hold up a large amount of space if you don’t plan well. They can be pretty heavy too. The best possible way to bring your toiletries along is to pack them into smaller bottles and containers.

Where possible, share the items amongst your family members. This will reduce the number of things to bring. Here are some essentials to pack:

  1. Hair and Body Shampoo
  2. Toothpaste and Toothbrush
  3. Teeth Floss
  4. Shaving Cream and Razor
  5. Facial Cleanser


  1. First Aid Kit

Although you can always depend on the local clinics and hospitals, it would be wise to bring along a simple first aid kit. A properly organized and well-stocked kit can give you peace of mind when you are out and about.

Here are some basic first aid tools to bring along:

  1. Band-Aids
  2. Triangular Bandage
  3. Gauze Swabs
  4. Hypoallergenic Tape
  5. Alcohol Swabs
  6. Stainless Steel Scissor
  7. Disposable Gloves
  8. Antiseptic Cream
  9. Medication for fever, diarrhoea, and headache


  1. Outdoor Gears For The Campers

If you have decided to go on a camping trip, it might be useful to add these items to your packing list.

  1. Battery-Powered Portable Lights – These are super handy for camping grounds that don’t supply any electrical light source.
  2. Hammocks – If there are poles around, why not? It’ll be so relaxing while you lie down suspended between two poles and the breeze lull you to sleep.
  3. Clothespins and Clothesline – These are convenient for all your wet garments.
  4. Sleeping Bag – A night in a warm, comfortable sleeping bag will set you up ready for the next day of adventures.
  5. Multipurpose Camping Knife – This is essential for outdoor living.
  6. Umbrella – It’s always good to be prepared for rain.
  7. Insect Repellents – This is a must if you wish to save your skin from the bites of insects.
  8. Pots, Portable Stove and Cutleries – Unless you intend to go fully outback by making your own fire pit and roasting your food with twigs from a nearby bush, you will need some cooking utensils to prepare your meals.



This checklist is not by all means conclusive. There could be other things that you might need to consider. However, this is a good list to start with.

A well-planned trip will make the getaway so much better. You will have peace of mind knowing what to expect and free up your attention to fully enjoy the holiday.


Janice Johnson

Janice Johnson hails from Perth and is a full-time mother of three. Married to an outback enthusiast, she and her husband made it a point to go on a family adventure once every three months.

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