Sometimes, getting kids in the kitchen to help out can feel like an impossible task. Your kids will obviously care a lot about the end result of the cooking process, but it’s essential to find time to involve them in meaningful ways.

However, it’s not always easy to get kids motivated to participate in cooking. This is why it’s a good idea to teach them from a young age how fun and rewarding the cooking experience can be, especially when you do it with your loved ones.

There are a lot of good reasons to prioritise cooking with your kids, and some are less obvious than others. Below are 6 reasons to start cooking with your kids.

1.   Teaching them about kitchen safety

Your kids are going to have to navigate the kitchen environment at some point in their life. Teaching your kids from an early age about your kitchen and involving them in the cooking process is a great way to reinforce safety lessons about things like heat, electricity, and sharp edges.

As your kids grow older, you can demonstrate to them how to use knives or a stove safely. You should get in early and demonstrate these skills to them rather than them trying to teach themselves when they’re home alone and hungry.

2.   Teaching them to prepare healthy meals for themselves

When you start to teach your kids about cooking healthy recipes that are quick in the kitchen, they will have the ability to prepare their own nutritious meals when they get older. This is important if you want to avoid your kids resorting to buying fast food after school or relying on things like instant noodles/microwave meals.

A lot of the time, kids who don’t get taught how to cook end up seeing cooking as ‘too much effort’. It’s important to teach them while they are young that cooking with fresh ingredients is healthier and that the results are always more worthwhile.

3.   Exposing them to a potential future career

While cooking is considered an essential life skill that your kids ought to learn, exposing them to the kitchen environment could also inspire the hidden chef inside them. When you introduce your kids to cooking and show them how fun and rewarding it can be, there’s a chance that they might want to take it further and develop a real passion.

Some of the top celebrity chefs cite their parents giving them cooking lessons as an outlet at a young age. Who knows, you might be able to raise your own little master chef and have them cooking incredible meals for you as they get older.

4.   Developing their relationship with food

Healthy eating isn’t just an activity, it’s a way of life. The earlier you familiarise your children with a range of fresh produce, the better their relationship with it will be.

When you give young children more exposure to different textures, fragrances, and tastes, they will grow up to be less picky eaters. This can have positive effects throughout the rest of their life as they will be more open to trying new food experiences.

5.   Spending quality time with them

Spending time in the kitchen and creating something with your kids is one of the best bonding experiences you can have with them. Seeing the joy that comes to their face when they realise that they’ve participated in making the food they are about to enjoy is truly a one-of-a-kind sight.

When you are looking for worthwhile indoor activities, why not get the kids in the kitchen and do something together as a family? You and your kids will have a much healthier relationship when you are cooking alongside one another and making delicious meals you can all enjoy.

6.   They learn academic skills too

One of the lesser-known benefits of cooking with your kids is that it teaches them valuable academic skills. Reading recipes, measuring ingredients, and using heating instruments can help develop literacy, maths skills, and scientific understanding + much more.

Also, introducing your kids to cooking different types of food from around the world can help educate them about different cultures. Cooking gives kids a much more well-rounded understanding of the world around them.


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