While notably labelled as the smallest mainland state of Australia, Victoria isn’t short of reasons to visit. Summer and spring are popular times to visit the state, but winter doesn’t fall far, too. This vibrant state settled in Southeastern Australia transforms into a different site and hue when winter starts. Its capital city, Melbourne, attracts a pack of tourists, yet so do its neighbouring towns.

While most people turn into couch potatoes during winter, you can easily use this time for outdoor fun, family adventures, or a romantic sojourn cooped up in accommodations like Alphine Holiday Rentals, among others. But the struggle now goes beyond getting yourself out the door and putting on all those gear – it begins with finding enough inspiration to start creating some travel plans.  

You’ve come to the right place for just that. Whether you’d rather have some peace, solace, and quiet resting in your cosy winter cottage, or you’re the type to go all out with winter activities, these are some of the best winter holiday spots spread across Victoria. Read on.


  1. Shiraz Central

Do you love yourself a good bottle of Shiraz wine? Aptly named, heading out to this area during winter presents an opportunity to try distinctive cool-spiced Shiraz, undeniably some of the best in the country. 

Shiraz Central is a unique destination, boasting a naturally rugged and diverse terrain. It encompasses quite a number of regions, like the Macedon Ranges, Heathcote, and the Grampians, plus the gold rush cities of Ballarat and Bendigo.

If you’re the type who enjoys hiking and trekking even during winter, Shiraz Central is for you, with its abundance of spectacular national parks around. 


  1. High Country

High Country is Victoria’s Alpine region. Imagine basking in the majestic views of crystal blue skies dancing over snow-kissed mountains that stretch as far as the eyes can see. This is what Mount Buffalo and Mount Hotham in High Country offer. Families with young children, in particular, will have long but fun days by the slopes skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, or trying out other winter sports.

Looking for a good place to eat? The Alpine town of Bright has Tomahawks, which almost every traveller in the area recommends. The venue feels much like a Hawaiian beachside bar, only that you’re transplanted into the snow, not sand. The ambience is excellent, but the food is even better.


  1. Victoria’s Falls Creek

If you’re looking for a fun wintertime escapade, why not try visiting the state’s biggest ski resort?

Many locals and guests agree that Falls Creek, is the best place to immerse yourself, together with your loved ones, in an adrenaline-fueled ski action. It consists of kilometres of ski trails that are waiting for tourists like you. To make the most out of your trip, make sure that you book in advance and stay for an extended period – this is to allow you and your company to fully enjoy what Falls Creek has got to offer when it comes with fun winter activities.


  1. Marysville

A cluster of three villages, Marysville is conveniently nestled in the foothills of Melbourne’s closest alpine resorts in the Yarra Valley. Marysville and its surrounding places are perfect for nature lovers and those who enjoy outdoor activities. 

Marysville is a must-go for its plentiful choices of winter activities and its proximity to Melbourne. Driving only takes an hour and a half, which isn’t too long, given the beautiful places you’ll also pass along the way.


  1. Bendigo

Bendigo is another option if you’re looking for another place close to Melbourne (like Marysville). It’s less than two hours away, but the best place to go if you’re looking to escape the awful Melbourne weather during winter.

Bendigo is small; nonetheless, there are plenty of activities, cosy spots to eat in, and galleries to walk through.


  1. Castlemaine

Also just an hour and a half from Victoria’s capital is Castlemaine. Those who can’t pull themselves out during winter will love the myriad of indoor activities in Castlemaine. 

Walk around Mostyn Street, where century-old homes now host quaint restaurants, shops, and galleries. In the evenings, vibrant live music livens the place, despite the cold that usually lures everyone back inside their homes. The Taproom, Theatre Royal, and The Bridge Hotel are good choices. Then, to round up your stay in Castlemaine is The Mill. When you’re having a dreary day, visiting The Mill overflows with vintage markets and local shops.


  1. Daylesford And Hepburn Springs

Is there anything cosier than soaking in a hot mineral spring during winter? Daylesford and Hepburn Springs are famous among locals, and even those from Melbourne, for making the most out of the natural mineral water in the region.

Other highlights of your trip to the area include hopping into heritage train rides and visiting museums that tell stories of the Dja Dja Wurrung people, who were the land’s traditional owners, many years back.

The Bottomline

Instead of going on full hibernation mode when snowfall starts, take that time instead to tick some of your winter travel bucket list destinations. Whether you’re Australian or an international traveller, Victoria is never short of some of the best holiday go-tos.

Like all the other winter-clad places, Melbourne can get freezing, cold, and painfully windy. Yet if you’re brave enough to embrace the cold, you’ll find beauty and joy in Victoria’s unique setting, scenes, and activities.




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