Club Med Malaysia – Cherating Beach is a fully inclusive holiday resort and one of many amazing Club Med resorts around the world.  The Cherating Beach is an eco-friendly jungle beach resort  surrounded by Malaysian jungle.  We chose Club Med Malaysia mainly because of all the sporting activities, kids club and the beautiful surroundings.  Flights times from Perth were 5hr 40mins to Kuala Lumpur, then another 25minute flight across the island, followed by an hours bus ride to the Cherating Beach resort.  The bus ride was a great way to see the real Malaysia outside of the main townships and tourist resorts.

The Cherating Beach Resort is simply amazing!  It’s a HUGE resort surrounded by jungle on one side and stunning beach and sea on the other.  Currents are strong in the sea directly outside of the resort but you can travel to the other side of the resort via a small train where the currents are less strong.  To be honest we didn’t go in the sea once!!  We found everything we wanted in the resort itself.

We stayed in these wonderful Malaysian wooded houses on stilts which were connected by walkways all the way up to the main resort area.  Our’s was quite a walk away from the main resort, about a 10 minute walk alongside the jungle.  It’s all lit up at night but remember you are in a jungle and the resort is brimming full of wildlife!

Expect to see Monkeys, Monitor Lizards, Snakes and even wild boar roaming around the grounds at all times!

Our local Monitor Lizard.

We had superior connecting rooms with a small balcony overlooking the beach.  The rooms were bright and clean and everything we could have wanted.

It was very useful having the kids in a connecting room which has it’s own bathroom and shower facilities. 

There’s LOTS to do at any Club Med, we hadn’t stayed at one before so it was a very new experience for us as a family.  We had envisaged the kids spending most of their mornings doing the kids club activities but we found we wanted to do the activities together at our own leisure instead of at set times like the kids club activities.  There is a full schedule for the kids from early morning until late afternoon, but you can take them out and put them in at any time you want.  The kids club carers were amazing, looking after new born babies through to teenagers.  There are separate activities for different aged kids throughout the day.

Activities included the Flying Trapeze …safety is taken very seriously and the activity leaders were amazing at taking both kids and adults through each step.

There are tennis courts where you can book private or groups lessons as well as have a go on your own.  Outdoor badminton, basketball and football courts as well as beach volley ball.

Indoor squash courts, these were empty most of the time so we got to use them to teach the kids how to play.


At the side of Club Med Malaysia there’s rock climbing / abseiling and also a tree top adventure course including zip wires and rope bridges.

club med cherating beach

Table tennis tables outside the gym and kids club.

There is a 24/7 gymnasium in the main complex with all the usual pieces of equipment, cardio, free weights, machines and a huge studio area where they hold regular classes throughout the day, including yoga (also held on the veranda overlooking the beach), pilates and cardio classes.

They even do water activities and games during the day, I managed to persuade the kids to take part in the water zumba classes!

The kids club also has various playgrounds including a small water playground.

club med cherating beach

The older kids has a nightclub area complete with pools tables and booths with table games to play.

The facilities at Club Med Cherating Beach are amazing, there are plenty of lounge areas around the main pool area as well as massage tables right on the beach!

club med cherating beach

club med cherating beach

We booked ourselves in for a couples massage in our own little hut set amongst the beautiful gardens.

You can join in nature walks around the complex, there’s lots for the kids to see along the way and you can also take a small mini train ride to the swimming beach and the adults side of the resort.

club med malaysia

The main pool area consists of 3 pools, plenty of shallow entry and puddles for toddlers and small children as well as a lap pool for the adults.  There are sun loungers, umbrellas and pool side service from the main bar all around the pool area.

club med malaysia

club med malaysia The pool area is overlooked by the main restaurant with seating options both out and inside.  During our stay in July it was very humid and overcast, but we did get a few days of clear skies and sunshine to enjoy.  The evenings were spectacular around the pool area.

 The food at the main restaurant simply blew us away!  So much variety of cuisines on offer that we didn’t get bored of the all inclusive package we had.  The kids LOVED the endless buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Club Med Cherating Beach restaurant is huge and has chef’s at each cuisine station to help out and cook you fresh food right there and then.  Our favourite was the Sri Lankan curries, he cooked the most amazing tandoori chicken.    club med malaysia

 Every meal time was different offering the delights from each cuisine every meal.

There was an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables every serving.

As well as the most amazing cakes, slices, pudding, pies and ice creams.

 At breakfast time the kids loved their freshly cooked eggs and bacon as well as the most enormous coissants!!

I have many allergies and met daily with the chef who gave me a tour of the food that was on offer that suited my requirements.  They were amazing and catered specifically for my needs every day.

I think the highlight of our holiday was the evening entertainment by the Club Med team. Every night there was some sort of show to entertain the kids and adults. The costumes, music and themes were great fun and has us all laughing.

The kids also got to put on a show most nights, Miss 7 years old spent a whole afternoon rehearsing a dance routine with her holiday friends, then an hour in make-up and dress up before they put on a spectacular show for everyone 🙂 

The kids highlight of the holiday at Club Med Malaysia was there own section of the bar where they had a “Mocktail” menu and could order whatever they liked from the waiters.                   

We had an amazing holiday at Club Med Cherating Beach and would definitely recommend it to other families wanting an active and fun holiday.


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