If you’re looking for somewhere to herd the kiddies, crossed with great pub-style food – Charlie’s Paddock is it! This place was a hit with our little family, located in Piara Waters, SOR. 

It’s great to support local businesses, owned by a family with three generations actively involved at their farm in North Dandalup. “Our philosophy is to deliver the farm-to-table experience at our hospitality venues”. You can check out the yummy menu here.

The “paddock” is well contained with a high fence and gate around the outside. In the centre, a large sandy playground with some really fun features, and perched along the walls, plenty of tables and chairs for the adults. 

A large climbing frame dominates the paddock with multiple entry points, including a cargo net and rock climbing wall. It’s set quite high up, giving it an air of uniqueness for older kiddies as they mount, claw and shimmy up! There is also a very wobbly chain/rope suspension bridge that our big kid (Dad) wanted to venture across with his biggest fan (our son) haha. 

Our boy’s best friend at the Paddock was a cute, wobbly cow that had a face which looked permanently guilty! He had heaps of fun trying to stand on top and keep his balance, whilst saying his newly learnt “moo” sound.

Another big hit was the wooden truck, which had ample space to play pretend driving, climb on top, or scoot down the slide into the sand. 

Talking of sand, there was a very cool digger mechanism which picked up and dropped sand – and we had heaps of fun digging sandy holes and filling back up again.  

My boy loved running backwards and forwards through the concrete pipe, which was cleverly modelled on the “Golden Pipeline” in WA, which runs from Perth to Kalgoorlie. This little attention to detail and nod to local history was a cool, unique addition. 

Ordering food was easy, with an outside service kiosk, or you could go into the building and bar area attached. The kids menu was good, we ordered our little man some sausages and mash, with some mocktails for us. 

Charlie’s Paddock ticks a lot of boxes with a playground that is really suitable for all ages mixed with some good quality food. I’d highly recommend herding up your little ones to this awesome venue. 

Charlie’s Paddock

Charlie’s Paddock’s opening hours are:

Mon – Thursday, 4-9pm

Friday and Saturday, 4-10pm

Sunday, 11-9pm 


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