Maylands Waterland is back, and the water playground has now officially reopened! Packed with fun for all ages, picnic and barbecue areas, this water park is sure to be a hit this summer.

This water playground has been popular with families since the 70s, but with ageing infrastructure, it was closed to the public for much-needed renovations. In September 2022, the water park  reopened with fresh new splash pads.

The City of Bayswater engaged with Josh Burns Associates to design and build an all-abilities accessible aquatic play space that was inspired by the local native flora and fauna of the Swan River. With this in mind, the designers have delivered! Native flora such as river reeds and fauna (lizards, frogs and spiders) are woven throughout the design of the water playground and the playgrounds. 

We started off at the top of the water playground, where a giant frog on a rock and a waterfall spill water down the first splashpad. Tall green water sprayers and bubblers mounted in frog spawn also shower children with water. Adding an educational element, there is a resin set life-cycle of a frog set into another rock. Other elements of a frog’s life-cycle is represented in the artwork painted on the splashpad floor: tadpoles, froglets, and frogs. 

Following the hill, the water runs into the next splashpad. This is designed to look like a waterhole, surrounded by reeds and dragonflies. The frog motif is carried over with frogs gently spraying water from their mouths onto the splashpad. A faux log stretches across one end, which also sprays water.


Rocks with riverlets run behind the log run beneath a faux bridge. The water is then pumped out on the other side into a splashpad with a pond. Frogs also spray into the water. A group was bubblers spray from the group at the open end of the splashpad, and a tipping bucket on a timer regularly splashes down. With all this in mind, Miss 8 announced on the way home that the tipping bucket was her favourite part of the whole water playground. 

Maylands Waterland

In addition to the splashpads at Maylands Waterland, there are two nature-play playgrounds that your kids can pick from. Each one has been designed to cater for younger or older children.  Kids will have so much fun climbing, hanging, swinging and making a noise.

Maylands Waterland

Maylands Waterland

Miss 8 was super excited to explore the playground. These are in a nature play style, with wood based play equipment. Miss 8 loves a climbing rope or something to swing on. The birds nest swing was very popular! 

As parents, we were happy to see that the base is woodchips and not sand. So there won’t be sand in the waterplay areas, and none to empty out of little ones shoes. We also love that the large trees have been preserved for shade in addition to shade sails over the water areas. 

In terms of facilities, these are probably one of the best facilities we’ve come across.  The outdoor shower that includes a historical nod to the old pool is a beautiful touch, as are the large changing room facilities with warm water showers! 

Maylands Waterland

In the middle of the change room and barbecue area is a great viewing deck that includes seating. This serves as a great vantage point when looking for your kids as they’re racing around.

maylands waterland

There are several barbecue facilities and picnic areas for gatherings as well as a designated space for food trucks. Best of all, I can see the kitchen and picnic table area being well-utilised during summer for parties and get togethers.  You will be able to pre-book this area for all your future parties!

maylands waterland

The sprayers and splashpads are easily accessible for anyone in a wheelchair or with mobility needs. So the whole family can cool down and enjoy the water. There’s softfall and paths leadings into the play areas as well, so kids can play with all their siblings. 

Please note that parking is limited next to the facility. There is a small reserve next door, so this may aid in finding parking close by. But be sure to plan ahead as Maylands Waterland is sure to be popular with families in the summer months.

Maylands Waterland

In conclusion, we look forward to cooling off in the summer heat at Maylands Waterland. We’re already planning a family barbecue when family return to Perth. The facilities are excellent and well thought out. The native creature artwork is also beautiful. Hope to see you all there soon! 


Maylands Waterland

Located at 32 Clarkson Road, Maylands WA 6051.

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  1. Josh 6 years ago

    A great facility, aging and without care by with City of Bayswater.

    We are currently fighting you keep it from being demolished.

    Sign the petition here:

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