Wellington Dam Mural & Collie Mural Trail

The Wellington Dam is located 2 hours south of Perth in south-western Australia and was constructed in 1932. The dam is the second largest on the Western Australian coast, but due to its high salt levels it no longer provides potable water.

The Wellington Dam Mural Trail is a unique experience that takes you on a journey through the Collie River Valley. The mural depicts the history of the Collie River Valley and the people who have lived here. The 8,000 sq metre mega-mural on the Wellington Dam painted by Guido van Helton is the largest dam mural in the world.

After searching through countless photos and listening to just as many stories from locals, Guido selected six images that best represented the community he was painting for. The mural was started in November 2020 and completed in February 2021.

What does the mural depict?

The mural begins with the image of two workers who built the dam as it overflows behind them.

Wellington Dam Mural & Collie Mural Trail

The children pictured in the second image playing near the edge of a dam are now adults in their 20s.

Wellington Dam Mural & Collie Mural Trail

This wide central image shows Aboriginal children playing in the water from Roelands Mission on a picnic day.

Wellington Dam Mural & Collie Mural Trail

The young boy with the fish is now an apprentice at one of the local power plants and the young girl, shown with her father & brother, assisted Guido with the installation of artwork.

Wellington Dam Mural & Collie Mural Trail

The final image on the right is an aboriginal couple, it is believed the photo was taken in the 1890s.

Wellington Dam Mural & Collie Mural Trail

The Collie Mural Trail is a 35km collection of over 40 artworks throughout the Collie Town Centre, including the Wellington Dam. Each mural tells a local story and facts about the Collie River Valley.

There are murals everywhere, on shop fronts, on blank walls, in playgrounds and on the pavement at the Tourist Office.

Wellington Dam Mural & Collie Mural Trail

Wellington Dam Mural & Collie Mural Trail


Location: 1 Lefroy St (Collie-Cardiff RSL)

The murals show two-up being played during the different wars including portraits of Collie servicemen, including VC winner Martin O’Meara and current Collie RSL members plus a recreation of the RSLWA logo which was changed in 1990 to include a sailor, soldier, airman and servicewoman. The portraits are of proud, happy servicemen and women including an Aboriginal infantryman, acknowledging Collie as the town that is believed to be the first place in Western Australia to acknowledge Aboriginal servicemen in a formal war memorial.

Wellington Dam


Location: 86 Steere St

The horse pulling a cart belonging to the Golden Crust Bakery, which delivered bread and milk to the people of Collie until the 1950s when the carts were replaced by cars. Large draft horses were used to pull the carts, similar to the pit ponies which were used in the Collie mines.

Collie Mural Trail


Location: Collie Sound Bowl, Collie Central Park

Gorgeous images of the rush-tailed phascogale (Phascogale tapoatafa), also known as the common wambenger, the black-tailed mousesack or the black-tailed phascogale

Collie Mural Trail


Location: 64 Forrest St

This is an ode to the much-loved Theatre Royal, a reflection of the leisure pastimes in Collie. The mural is located on the site of the former theatre site which opened in 1928 and was demolished in the 1970s.


We headed down for a public holiday day trip and it was a great family day out.  We checked out the Wellington Dam in the morning, had a picnic lunch checking out the rapids and a paddle along the banks of the Collie river then spent the afternoon checking out the murals around the town.


You can download the Collie Mural Trail map here – https://www.colliemuraltrail.com/map

And for information on what to do & see around the Collie Valley River check out – https://collierivervalley.com.au/



Wellington Dam Mural & Collie Mural Trail

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