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State Swim Ellenbrook Review

State Swim Ellenbrook is located on the Corner of Plaza Turn and Library Avenue in Ellenbrook. With 45 years + Experience state swim has developed a strong philosophy about how children best learn the skills required to make them stronger, safer swimmers.

State swim ensures swimmers learn effectively in a safe, fun and supportive environment. State swim has modern facilities with all of its pools heated to 32 degrees and includes full change room and shower facilities, as well as a Swim Shop for swimming accessories Plus, all of their swimming pools are fitted with state-of-the-art water filtration and treatment systems with super-modern water purification plants that use Ultra Violet (UV) light to purify pool water. This results in fresher and cleaner water, without the need for large quantities of chlorine – which in turn is beneficial for asthmatics, those with lung conditions, or those who suffer from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

State Swim Ellenbrook

There is also an air-conditioned glass viewing room, this is great for the warmer months when it can get a bit hot in the swimming area and great if you have other children as you know they are safe, away from the water.

State Swim Ellenbrook

Their team members are all fully qualified and certified. Paizley loves Jayde, she has so much patience and makes the class fun while they are learning. What I LOVE about state swim Ellenbrook is the flexible and convenient booking system. Everything can be managed online when you set up your account. You can choose the best day and time to suit your family. If you’re unable to attend your regular class, you can call or SMS to let them know and they will arrange a make-up voucher so you can choose when you would like to do the make-up class. With your account online you can manage bookings, track progress and arrange payment.

There is a range of different classes to suit your child’s abilities. State swim Ellenbrook Offer a FREE Swimming Assessment This will help select the right class for your child. There is also a questionnaire you can do online to see what class your child would fit into best. There is a class to suit everyone. Swim and play is for children aged 6 months to 4 years, 400 gold is for children aged 4 years+, Health and sport (Squad) program is for graduates of 400 Gold and there is an Adults program for beginners or swimmers looking to improve technique.

State Swim Ellenbrook

Paizley has never had professional swimming lessons before. She would NEVER put her head under the water and always wore a floatie. After filling out the questionnaire online I booked Paizley into the glides class. Glides is the first class of the 8 stages in the 400 Gold program Max 4 pupils per class Duration 30 minutes. The Glides class introduces children to basic water skills, enabling them to feel comfortable in the water. Swimmers will learn to put their face and head under the water in preparation for teaching them the skill this level is named after – a glide. They have small class sizes, with a maximum of four students which allows the instructor to attend to each swimmer and their individual needs. The most important swimming skill for children to learn is breath control and these Glides swimming lessons are where this is introduced. From the moment they put their face in the water, students are taught about blowing bubbles and why it is important.

State Swim Ellenbrook

I found this really interesting watching Paizley as she learnt how to do this Paizley took 1 class and she was putting her head under the water, the pool is shallow so the kids can stand so she felt comfortable putting her head under knowing she could stand when she needed to. Putting her head under the water was something I thought was going to take so long but the instructor Jayde was amazing and made Paizley feel so comfortable and encouraged and supported her through this.

State Swim Ellenbrook

She has now received 2 merit awards for Face in the water and Back kicking with a kickboard she couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. Merit awards and certificates are awarded on the completion of skills, and once certain skills are achieved, swimmers will progress to the next stage. I find that this helps to motivate Paizley to keep working hard to complete her skills. When a child moves to the next level they get to ring the bell and everyone cheers for them, such a special moment for any child who has worked hard to master their skills.

State Swim Ellenbrook

I can’t recommend Ellenbrook state swim enough, friendly staff, clean and professional centre and a great place to get your kids learning how to swim.

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