Matagarup Zip+Climb

There is a brand new FUN and THRILLING way to see Perth! After what felt like a lifetime of waiting, the Matagarup Bridge Zipline finally opened in December 2021! And it was worth the wait!

The Matagarup Zipline is Perth’s longest zipline at 400 meters long, and you can reach speeds up to 75km/hour! There are two ways you can zip down the Matagarup Bridge, the Zip+Climb or the Express Zip. The difference? The Express Zip, you walk halfway up the bridge and fly down. But with the Zip+Climb, you get the full experience of climbing 72 meters to the glass bottom viewing platform top of the Matagarup Bridge, and the view is incredible! I opted to book the Zip+Climb for our group of six. I figured, given the cost, you only usually do these things once (maybe twice), so why not make the most of it?!

Matagarup Zip+Climb

The minimum age for kids is 8 years old, they also have to be at least 122cm tall and weigh 30kgs – my 11 year old daughter managed to scrap in!

Matagarup Zip+Climb

I was surprised how easy we all found the 314 steps to the top of Matagarup Bridge, including maneuvering under the low beams and through tight spaces. The team even made adjustments to make the climb easier on the kids by buddying them to an adult that way they didn’t have to manipulate the latch device along the wire (which is honestly the hardest part of the climb) – you can have a maximum of 2 children per 1 adult.

Matagarup Zip+Climb

The best word I can think of to explain the zipline itself is exhilarating! Lucky our group had an even number because we all wanted to race each other. I won and reached 66km/h!

Matagarup Zip+Climb

I only wish I could have taken my own camera, but the guides take plenty of photos and videos – all copies are sent to you for free.

Matagarup Zip+Climb experience wouldn’t be as great as it is if it wasn’t for the fun, friendly, informative, and professional staff – we not alone walked away with memories that will last a lifetime, we also left with a wealth of knowledge about Matagarup Bridge, the Swan River and our beautiful City. We highly recommend the Zip+Climb, and I’ll definitely be going back with my younger kids once they are big enough.

Matagarup Zip+Climb

Matagarup Zip+Climb

Located next to The Camfield at Optus Stadium.

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  1. Nat 2 years ago

    Is the express zip the same length as the zip on the Zip and Climb? Or is it shorter?

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