How To Build A Child-Friendly Outdoor Space On Your Backyard

Having children around can be fun and chaotic at the same time. This is because they need plenty of space to move around, along with the number of things they need to play with to keep themselves occupied. However, if you notice that your child is getting bored indoors or if you’d like them to explore life further, then extending their play area to your backyard would be a great idea. 

Admittedly, not everyone’s comfortable with letting their child roam around their backyard, especially since it might come with some safety risks. But with the right preparation and planning, you should be able to make this place a safe space for your child. Below are some tips on how to build a child-friendly outdoor space: 


Add A Swing Set

A kid’s backyard would never be complete without a swing set. It’s where their childhood memories are made, and it provides them a dedicated space where they can relax and have fun at the same time. As you embrace their childhood, it would be great if you could build a swing set just for them to enjoy. However, it would also be nice if you could enhance its look by adding some wooden swing set accessories. You can also add shade or additional seating and features to your swing set to make it more enjoyable for them. 


Lock Your Shed

Since you’re building a child-friendly outdoor space, your child’s safety should always be your top priority. If you’re working on your garden or backyard, you probably have plenty of tools. However, they can be dangerous for your child, especially if they like roaming around and playing with things they shouldn’t. To avoid accidents, you should lock your shed every time. Moreover, it would be great if you could avoid going over your shed when your kid is around, so they wouldn’t see what’s inside and beg for you to allow them to take a peek.


Build A Playhouse

Every child deserves to have their own playhouse or treehouse. This will help further enrich their imagination and make them enjoy play time with their playmates even more. When building a playhouse, ensure that it’s perfectly safe for your child. Keep in mind that your child might run and jump around, so you need to use materials capable of handling such weight and stress over time. While it might be a bit costly, it’ll surely help to give your child an amazing childhood memory they’ll cherish forever. 


Create A Play ‘Room’

Having a dedicated area for your child to play helps to make your backyard look organised while also giving them the privacy they need. If you have enough space in your backyard, it’ll be nice to create a ‘room’ or space that’s purely intended for them. You can build a small tent or hut over it that gives them the shade they need and enough space to play around. This can be used as their mini playhouse where they can have tea parties or play board games. They can also use this space for arts and crafts, especially if they like to paint


Consider Adding A Sandbox

If your child requires plenty of sensory play, you should consider adding a sandbox. This way, they can enjoy building sandcastles or shapes, or feeling the texture of sand slipping through their fingers. It also helps to enrich their imagination if you give them tools they can use to craft anything they like. A sandbox would be the perfect ‘beach’ experience for your child—letting them enjoy what they look forward to when visiting beaches, playing with sand, without having to actually go out.


Invite Birds  

Most children are fond of birds, especially if they can see them right in their backyard. If your child is extra happy when birds are around, you should consider inviting as many birds as you can into your property. You can build a birdhouse in your backyard and add birdfeed they can munch on. You can even add an elevated bird bath so they can further enjoy your space. Having birds around your home means they feel safe while also adding a new attraction for your kid. This also teaches them how to care for birds and allows them to further admire their beauty. 


Include A Splash Pad

If your child enjoys being around water, but is still too young and you cannot risk installing a pool, then adding a splash pad would be the perfect solution. This way, they can splash water and get wet without the risk of drowning. It’ll be the perfect backyard experience as they can freely—and safely—play with water all they want.

How To Build A Child-Friendly Outdoor Space On Your Backyard


Building a child-friendly outdoor space will guarantee your child’s safety while also keeping them active and excited at the same time. As you maximise this space with various backyard features, you can make it the most exciting part of your home and keep your child happy every time they play outside. 




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