Switching dentists can be a difficult decision to make. However, parents need to make a change if they notice things aren’t as satisfying with their kid’s dentist. So, moving on to a new dentist would be best when your kid’s dental health doesn’t seem to improve even after keeping all appointments.

But that isn’t the only reason you’d want to look for a new dentist. Several other factors can influence your decision, as outlined herein. When looking for a dentist Wanneroo, go for well-trained professionals with a verifiable track record of excellence to ensure you don’t slip into the same issues as your previous dentist. With that in mind, here are a few reasons why you may have to switch your kid’s dentist:


  1. Dentist Doesn’t Check The Child’s Medical History Before Treatment

Professional dentists check their patients’ medical history before administering treatment. Therefore, if you notice that your kid’s dentist doesn’t bother doing this, you must be concerned.

Knowing a patient’s background greatly helps since certain conditions and medications may adversely affect the teeth. This is medically dangerous as further complications can occur in the process.

Treating dental problems without the correct background information can contribute to frequent failures. In this instance, you need to switch to a more professional one.


  1. Not Tolerant With Your Kids

It’s normal for kids to feel anxious and afraid when visiting a dentist. They’ll especially panic when told to sit on the dental chair. Kids may even cry at the sight of any dental equipment. But that fear can be alleviated if you have a dentist who truly cares for your child’s feelings.  

A good dentist should understand your kid’s fear and not reprimand them. They should be very polite and tolerant of the kid. Unfortunately, not all dentists are friendly with kids. Some may be very rude and angrily command the kid to shut up.

A dentist who fails to calm your kid can make the whole dental appointment a nightmare they’d never want to return to. When you notice this behavior in your kid’s dentist, switching to a more friendly and understanding dentist would be better.


  1. Careless and Reckless When Treating Your Kid

Most dentists will promise the best service delivery for an excellent first impression. However, you may realize the case is quite different as time passes. Maybe you’ll soon notice that they don’t put importance on hygiene, and their equipment isn’t updated. If so, that would be a telltale sign to switch dentists.

For example, if your dentist doesn’t sterilize their equipment, and the habit persists, leaving them would be best. Additionally, dentists that constantly make careless mistakes with your kids, such as treating the wrong tooth or leaving teeth fragments during extraction, should be immediately replaced.

Remember, kids have weaker immunity than adults and are more prone to infections. That’s why your kid’s oral health should be the dentist’s top priority. Don’t think twice when there’s recklessness and indifference regarding your kid. Consider another dentist, as your kids deserve the best treatment.


  1. If Your Kids Have Grown Up

Children grow fast. As they grow, their dental arrangements and jaw shape and size change. It may reach a point where your child is too old to see a pediatric dentist. Therefore, it’s prudent to change your child’s dentist when they’re over twelve years old or older. If you notice that your child is about to reach that age mark, start looking for another appropriate dentist who can offer services that fit that age.


  1. If The Dentist’s Office No longer Takes Your Insurance

It can be highly disappointing to realize that your doctor’s office no longer takes your health insurance for reasons known to them, especially if you’ve had a good relationship and experience with them for a long time. The only other option you’d be left with is to pay out of your pocket each time you visit your child’s dentist.

This can be quite expensive for you. Since you can’t change your insurance company, especially for those insured through an employer, the only reasonable option would be to change the dentist. You can always find another kid’s dentist that acknowledges your insurance.


Deciding to switch your kid’s dentist isn’t an easy decision. However, some situations force you to do this. It might be the dentist’s poor rapport with the kid or the number of treatment mishaps they’ve taken you through. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to switch dentists for too long, as it might adversely impact your kid’s dental health. Look for a reliable dentist to take you through the child’s next stage of dental care.



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