Imagine being a baby; you’ve just been born and know absolutely nothing. Everything around you is new, and you’ve never seen it before. You’re amazed by how water tastes, how soft your mother’s skin is, and you smell scents for the first time.


As you grow older, not much changes. The child’s brain develops amazingly fast, and kids learn with every day spent in this world. They learn about the environment but also about themselves. They are born and grow as empty paper on which they need to draw something.


What they are drawing is their consciousness. Kids develop their understanding and their character. They have none as they are born, but they create it based on what they see. And what do they see most of the time? Their parents.


Children’s parents are their role models. As a parent, you have the obligation and privilege to raise your kids into something you’d want to be. You need to set an example. If you don’t know what to do, here are a few pointers on what to do if you want to see your kids grow up in the best version of themselves possible.


Dress properly

There’s a dress code for every event, but if you have kids at a young age, you know how they love to dress out of every known rule. They’d combine skirts with pyjamas and use all possible colours in the closet. This is entirely normal because they want to enjoy themselves and don’t really mind the social rules we know.

You shouldn’t push them into doing something they hate, but you must set an example. Always dress formally when going to work, know what to wear when you’re relaxing, and what to wear when you’re going into nature.

Some general rules are a nice dress and shoes for women and a suit with shoes or dress boots for men. Of course, depending on the occasion, you may dress differently, but this is so that you get the idea of what we’re talking about.


Show class, especially in public

Swearing is off-limits. If you’re doing it frequently, be sure your children will do it just as you do. You may tell them not to do it and teach them it’s bad, but kids will do the same things you’re doing. They’ll copy the grimaces, the gestures, and everything you’re doing.

The best way to teach your kids to be classy is never to do these things in front of them. Instead, you should always show the right manners, especially in public. Greet other people, say thank you, and you’re welcome, talk and treat people you’d want to see others treat your child.


Read books

Reading books sparks your imagination. Children need to flourish their imagination because this makes them creative and productive. Through play and imagination, they learn how the world functions, but as they grow older, reading books will inspire their minds and keep it functioning properly.

Reading books is a habit that needs to be practised at a young age if you want them to do it when they grow up. The only way to make them love books is to read yourself. When they see you’re reading books frequently, they’ll realize that this is standard behaviour. Read a few pages before going to sleep, and you’ll see them copying you very soon.


Spend less time on your phone


We live in some technologically advanced times, and today’s Generation Alpha knows no world without the internet and technology. They hadn’t seen times when the internet was a luxury, so they take this for granted. They’ve never seen you without your phone and think this is normal.

You need to cut your screen time and do stuff that is not connected to your phone. If you don’t want to face times when they’ll become addicted to playing games and watching YouTube videos, you shouldn’t do it yourself. When you’re at home with them, it’s best to play games, solve puzzles, play cards, and do other social activities to teach them that phones are not the only source of entertainment.




If you want to see your children grow up with the people you’d want, there’s no other way of helping them but to be the right example. Do the things we talked about above, and always be the person you’d want your kids to be. With your spouse, you’re the only people who will shape your children’s personalities.

Whenever emotions get to you, and you want to do something that’s not right, think about whether your children are there with you. Mind their presence and think about what side of you they will see. Show them only the good side and see how they grow up amazingly.


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