Picheaven Bali Swing Ubud

If you are holidaying in Bali with older children and looking for a unique activity that combines fun and adventure, and of course the perfect insta photo, the Picheaven Bali swing can’t be beaten!

Picheaven Bali Swing Ubud

You may have seen pictures on social media of the iconic Bali Swing in Ubud and that was on our hit list of things to do on our recent trip to Bali.

What many may not realise is that the Bali Swing isn’t really about getting your adrenaline pumping – it’s more about getting those perfect Instagram shots! The Bali Swing has become a hot spot for insta-flexers, where they go to showcase their daring poses while suspended in the air. People take this super seriously and bring along several outfit changes in order to create the perfect photo. But don’t worry if you come unprepared; you can even hire a flowing dress that looks amazing in the photos!

Picheaven Bali Swing Ubud

Knowing all this I was a little bit put off going, however, I’m so glad we did as it was such a fun experience for the whole family.

What I didn’t realise before booking the experience, was that there are several ‘Bali Swings’ and it was quite a dilemma on choosing which one to visit. Bali Swing was the original venue but since then several more have popped up including Aloha Ubud Swing, Alas Harum Swing, Terrace River Pool, LeKaja Bali Swing and, our choice, Picheaven. Prices and experiences vary across the venues so it’s important to decide what you are wanting to get out of the experience and how long you wish to spend there. The larger venues, such as Bali Swing and Alas Harum Swing cost around $35 US and include a lunch buffet. However, I’d read reviews online about having to queue for a long time for a turn and the swing and that you couldn’t bring any outside food and drinks into the venue which put me off booking.

After doing extensive research I decided on Picheaven. It has 100s of positive reviews on Klook and people had commented that it was as busy as some of the other venues. I booked on Klook paying $16.65 AU per person (discounted from $30 AU) which was a really easy process and I just needed to show the QR code on arrival at the venue.


Picheaven is located in the same area as Bali Swing so you get the same views across the valley. It is located down a narrow, steep 50 metre long road, so if you are coming with a driver it might be easier for them to drop you off at the top of the road and walk down.

When we visited there were only a few other couples there so it meant we didn’t have to wait for any of the photo spots. The team at Picheaven are very friendly and accommodating; they make sure that each guest feels welcomed and it was one of the reasons why we had such a great time there. They will guide you through all the photo spots and take as many pictures as you wish using your own camera. You do need staff assistance as many of the photo ops need you to wear a safety harness or need temporary steps up to the location which a moved once you are in place.

Our guide took the most amazing pictures and knew how to get the most out of the camera on the iPhone 14! He even used a mirror to create the illusion of a water reflection for the swing pictures. 

Picheaven Bali Swing Ubud

The main attraction at Picheaven is the extreme swing that is situated around 80 metres off the ground. Don’t worry about safety as you are strapped into a safety harness before taking on this thrilling ride! Our guide gave us helpful instructions on how to pose while harnessing us up before taking off and soaring above the canopy.

The swing offers you breathtaking views of jungle and river below as you soar through the air. The staff will take your guidance on high you’d like to fly. Our two daughters loved it and wanted to go as high as possible! You can take unlimited turns on the swing at Picheaven (depending on visitor levels) where as some swing venues charge per turn.

Picheaven Bali

Besides the extreme swing, there are 12 other photo spots including:

The couples Swing

Picheaven Bali Swing Ubud

A 15 metre Swing

Picheaven Bali Swing Ubud

Hanging bed

A Giant birdnest

Picheaven Bali Swing Ubud


A car

Picheaven Bali Swing Ubud

Heaven Road

Picheaven Bali Swing Ubud

A Bubble house

Picheaven Bali Swing Ubud

Included in the entry fee are coffee, tea or bottled water from the small onsite cafe where you take in the spectacular views.

Picheaven Bali Swing Ubud

We spent about 1 hour at Picheaven which was plenty of time to experience a few turns on the swing and to take all the pictures we wanted. As Picheaven is located on a steep valley you have to go down a number of steps to reach the photo spots so I wouldn’t recommend the activity if you have limited mobility.

Picheaven Bali Swing Ubud

Also, I’d say it’s not a place to visit with younger children, but a visit to Picheaven is perfect for families with older children and teens looking to make unforgettable memories together. I didn’t expect to enjoy my time there as much as I did and the pictures we came away with are just stunning! I think the price we paid represented really good value for money, especially as we came away with amazing pictures taken by their staff.  

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, then Picheaven Bali Swing is definitely worth considering.

For more information visit picheavenbali.com

Bali Swing Experiences on Klook


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