Parents are the first teachers of children. They’re responsible for the upbringing of their kids from the day they’re born, including teaching them the right manners, following a healthier lifestyle, and understanding the importance of education. But aside from instilling these lessons in your children, it’s also essential to help them explore their unique fashion style.

Helping your kids develop their fashion sense can also help in making them presentable. While it’s true the attitude and pleasing personality comes first, it won’t hurt if you also teach them to look good. After all, part of the values you must teach your child is the importance of proper grooming. Plus, looking good and dressing up well can help them leave a good first impression on the people they meet.


Building Children’s Fashion Sense

Understandably, not all parents are fashionistas but you don’t have to be one just so you can teach your kids something about style. It’s about expressing their style and personality through fashion in a resourceful and more creative manner.

The following are ways on how you can help your kids explore their fashion style:


  1. Take Them Shopping

While it’s much easier for parents to shop clothes for their kids, doing so will only mean you’re controlling everything your kids wear, and they couldn’t explore and see other clothing options they may like to try. So instead of shopping for their clothes on your own, take them with you every time you buy them clothes.

If your kids aren’t fond of malls and stores, online shopping is always available. The point is to expose them to numerous colours, designs, and styles and give them the freedom to select what they want to wear.

Once they have an idea of which style they want to buy or which colour they like wearing more often, you can give your kids the option of customizing their clothing. Some websites like and other online sources can help you and your kids personalize clothes according to their preference. For instance, if your son is a fan of a cartoon or movie, he might like it best to wear clothes featuring customized designs related to the characters.


  1. Give Guidelines

While you let them discover and have the freedom to choose and shop for their clothes, don’t forget to give them a set of guidelines about dress codes. For instance, remind your little girls not to wear clothes too revealing or showing too much of their skin. Help them understand there are some clothes which are only suitable when worn at home and not in school. Thus, encourage your kids to wear something expressing their style without going overboard on dress codes.


  1. Teach Them How To Match

Given your kids now understand your set of fashion guidelines, it’s time you teach them how to mix and match their clothes. You can point out some basics in combining clothes like:

  • Jeans match with anything
  • Patterned bottoms should go with solid-coloured shirts and the same way around
  • Similar colours can pair well together
  • Black or white clothing can easily match with any colours

But in the end, the last say will be up to your kids. Remember, you’re only there to guide them and not force them. After all, not all kids put much thought into what they wear, but teaching them early will give them plenty of time to improve in the near future. If your kids are into all-around patterned clothes, respect their decision and let them navigate their style.


  1. Teach Them About Resourcefulness

One thing to not forget while teaching your kids about fashion is the importance of creativity and resourcefulness. Looking good and dressing up well doesn’t mean they’ll need to buy designer clothes and well-known brands. It’s not the brand making your fashion stylish and chic but it’s about how you wear it and how you creatively match it with the rest of your clothes.

If they have worn-out jeans at home, show them how you can still bring them to new life by transforming them into denim shorts. If you bought them a plain sweater from a sale, teach them how to turn it into something chic. Soon, they’ll also learn how to be creative in their way.


  1. Support Their Dress-up Escapades

One of the enjoyable indoor activities for kids is playing dress-up and fashion games. Instead of intervening in their dress up games, let them with whatever they have in their closets. To make it even more fun, you can always join them and dress up with them too!


Wrap Up!

Overall, the best way to help your kids explore their fashion style is by giving them the freedom to choose and be exposed to all types of clothing, colours, and designs. Don’t forget to remind them about following some guidelines while they go around different clothing and create their style.

To the parents out there, sit back, relax, and watch your children show off their personalities through their choices of clothing and fashion style.




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