Game Vault party

I always said I would never have a party at home. The thought of having a multitude of children high on sugar running around my house really didn’t appeal to me.  Well, this year for Miss 8’s birthday party I broke my rule, and I must say it was the most relaxing and stress-free party I have ever held!

Miss 8 is Minecraft obsessed, and after experiencing the Game Vault truck at Kids Wonderland, that’s what she set her heart on for her birthday party.

Game Vault promises to be a stress-free party for the parents, so that had me sold!

Game Vault hosts gaming parties for boys and girls from 7 years to 70 years! Their climate-controlled theatres feature a luxury limousine style interior, 3D/LED screens, surround sound and state of the art LED lighting. The interior is very impressive!


Game Vault

Party packages range from 1.5 hours to 2 hours. There are two Game Vault vehicles available to hire. The truck can hold 12 guests and the trailer 16 guests.   To accommodate the Game Vault Truck or Trailer at your home you will need to have a relatively flat ground for parking plus some room to pull in or out. The Trailer measures 15 metres long and the truck 10 metres.  Both vehicles can be self-powered (for an additional fee), but the preferred option is to connect to the mains power at your home.  Game Vault was able to park on the road right outside my house and plug into the power socket that is usually used for the garage door. Too easy!

 Game Vault party

Game Vault aims to arrive at the party 20 – 30 minutes before the booking time. I booked a 1pm – 2.30pm party and asked my guest to arrive at 12.45pm so that the Game Vault experience could start on time.  On booking, you are asked what your child’s favourite games are so that the party host can tailor the experience for them.

 Game Vault party

The party kicked off in high energy with a couple of rounds of Just Dance. The games are played on a screen on the exterior of the truck. Once everyone was fired up and ready to go it was time to enter the Game Vault Trailer. Rob, our very friendly host who was full of jokes, had picked out three games suitable for the age range of the party – Minecraft, Ghostbusters and a motorbike racing one.   All the games were multiplayer, so they could have fun playing with their friends.

Game Vault party 

Once the truck doors shut, it was complete silence outside. You couldn’t hear any of the noise and high spirits taking place inside the vehicle.  It definitely is a party that isn’t going to get you in trouble with the neighbours for being too noisy.  As it was a gorgeous sunny winter’s day, I went and enjoyed a coffee in the garden while the kids were entertained for 90 minutes.

Game Vault party

The last ten minutes of the party are spent playing Game Vault Blasters, a high energy interactive balloon popping game that is designed to get the body moving again.  The kids loved it!

 Game Vault party

No food or drink is allowed in the Game Vault truck so I built in an additional 30 minutes at the end of the entertainment to allow for sandwiches and cake.  I set up my garage as the party area so that the house remained intact!  

Minecraft Cake 

Would I recommend Game Vault?  Most definitely! It’s not the cheapest party option out there  but it definitely is one of the unique party entertainment options in Perth. The kids had an absolute blast!

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 Game Vault party

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