In general, there are many things that doctors warn pregnant mothers about during their pregnancy. And with so many things to remember and keep away from, for coffee lovers and enthusiasts, it may seem a bit unfair to give up that perfectly brewed cup of delicious coffee first thing in the morning.

Today, some doctors believe it is unnecessary to cut coffee from the diet of pregnant women altogether, but there are precautions they still need to take. One of which is to be careful not to consume too much.

Although having coffee is not off the table, there are some things to know about drinking caffeinated drinks during pregnancy and what makes doctors recommend staying away from large quantities:


  1. How Much Is Coffee Safe?

Coffee in itself is not the culprit here, and it is, in fact, the caffeine that could cause some trouble. Recent suggestions about caffeine use have changed from previous years when some doctors would strictly forbid their pregnant patients from having any coffee.

Depending on the size of cups available, most doctors now cautiously recommend that their patients are allowed one a day. However, the amount of caffeine contained in this one cup shouldn’t exceed 200mg per day.

So as long as you are sticking to this limit, grab yourself some Will and Co coffee beans, brew up a cup, sit back and enjoy.


  1. Will Baby Be Affected?

There are some increased risks that mothers need to be aware of for drinking coffee during their pregnancy. More essential structures like the brain and organs develop at critical times during gestation. During these periods, there could be an increased risk for the fetus when caffeine is in the system.

Caffeine is believed to have more severe side effects on the pregnancy, such as a miscarriage, low birth weight, and cognitive impairments for the fetus. Some studies even suggest that children could be more prone to weight problems later in life or could have dysregulated hormone functions.


  1. What Are The Effects On Moms?

The caffeine in coffee is a known stimulant that can affect the nervous system and gear someone to be more nervous or anxious. For a pregnant mom, this is not good news as her elevated cortisol levels due to the stress can affect her unborn baby as well.

In addition, drinking coffee too close to bedtime could mean more lack of sleep for mom, whose body needs every bit of rest it can get. And in contrast, some moms noted they feel more nauseous and lightheaded when they drink coffee early in the morning without having breakfast first.


  1. Could Coffee Be Beneficial?

Because of the alerting effect of coffee on one’s body, if the mother consumes a little in the morning after a night of little to no sleep, it could help give her that energy boost she needs. During the second trimester, also called the honeymoon phase of pregnancy, moms can start to feel better from their morning sickness, and holding a sip of coffee in the morning is more manageable.

Taking in small amounts of caffeine daily is believed to help reduce the mother’s risk of developing illnesses like gestational diabetes in the second trimester. So, it seems like a little may be beneficial, but large quantities are still out of the question.


  1. Is There A Good Strategy For Cutting Back?

An excellent approach to cutting back on coffee during pregnancy is to start before getting pregnant. For instance, as you start planning to have a baby, consider adding the cutting down on caffeine to your plan. You can do this gradually, taking one day at a time and lessening your consumption each time. And from there, you can create a new routine with something healthier to replace the coffee or caffeine fix, like having a smoothy instead.

Sparkling water can also be a good alternative for moms who prefer to have energy drinks that contain caffeine. The sparkling water bubbles still tingle on the tongue as the cooldrink would, adding a little flavour to otherwise bland, clean water.


The Final Say

While nothing beats the smell of freshly ground and brewed coffee wafting through the air, it’s essential to note and keep in mind the risks associated with it, especially for the unborn baby. And at the end of the day, it’s always best to listen to what your doctor has to say.

More so, having all the information on the possible effects of coffee during pregnancy could help narrow down the options and leave moms to make an informed choice.




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