Women trying to get pregnant, or those who are for the first time, wonder how their pregnancy will go. They are afraid that they won’t successfully cope with every challenge and obstacle that comes their way.

There are so many things to know before getting pregnant. A first-time pregnancy can be overwhelming, and you may be thinking about all the negative aspects of it, but there are also some beautiful things.

Saying this, you may first think about the amazing fact that you’re delivering a child to this world, but we’re focusing exclusively on the woman. Of course, the fact that a child will be born is the most fantastic thing, but there are some things that the pregnancy will provide for you and are beautiful.

That’s what we’re covering in this article. If you want to know how you’ll benefit from being pregnant, keep reading and find out more about it.


1. Getting special treatment wherever you go

When you’re pregnant and your tummy shows that you’re pregnant, you get special treatment wherever you go. People will stand up for you on the bus, cars will show respect and let you walk across the street no matter where it is, and shop owners will always give you a little extra because of your state.

You may say that you don’t need any special treatment, and it is true, you don’t, but it’s so nice to see how the fact that you’re pregnant turns people around. It pulls out their humane side and shows that we can all agree and live peacefully together. You’ll enjoy this through the pregnancy.


2. Enjoying food on a different level

When you’re expecting, you have another person inside you. This may be a small person, but it already has needs and wishes. It has its own character, and since you’re connected, you can feel what they want and are hungry for.

The child inside feeds through you. Sometimes you’ll start craving foods you never really loved, and that’s your baby asking for a particular food. The ones you love will become way tastier, and you’ll enjoy eating them. Pregnant women become true gourmets and enjoy every second of their dishes.


3. Chance to wear baggy clothes


Carrying a child means transforming the entire body. It’s amazing how your bones restructure during pregnancy to allow easier delivery for women. That also means your body changes and you’re becoming unable to wear the same clothes.

Simultaneously, it means that you now have the chance to wear baggy clothes without feeling sorry or ashamed. You can put on a dress from your grandma and look cute. If you don’t like vintage clothes, you can always look at what Ripe Maternity or some other pregnancy brands provide, and dress comfortably and cutely.


4. Hormone changes making you beautiful

Did you ever tell any pregnant friend of yours that their skin and face look different? It is true that women who are expecting experience a change in their looks. Their faces become younger, and their skin becomes softer and more elastic. There’s a scientific explanation behind this.

When women start carrying a child, their bodies work differently. Their hormones become raging and produce faster or even entirely new substances, which tremendously change their looks. These hormones transform the body; thus, the face and the skin become younger and better looking.


5. Daydreaming about your child

Did you do this yet – just sitting on the couch thinking about the future with a smile on your face? There’s no greater feeling than thinking about your future child. Thinking about how you’ll take care of it, raise it properly, and wonder whose eyes will it have, your or your spouse’s?

The changes in your body we discussed above are also responsible for this. They are preparing you for the moment. This is why you also might want to “nest” or have a sudden urge to clean everything in your home. You’re thinking about your child’s future, which is one of the many mother syndromes.


6. Quality of sleep

Because of the additional body inside you and not enough blood to take care of both, you often get low blood pressure making you feel sleepy. If you had sudden insomnia moments previously, you could expect to get a great night’s sleep while you’re pregnant.



These six points show you how fantastic it is to be expecting a child. If it is your first pregnancy, be ready for so much. Your life will never be the same during the pregnancy and after the delivery. There will be so many challenges, but also so many beautiful moments and love on an entirely new level, something you never felt before. Be calm and enjoy every moment of it.


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