Every Plate Review

Our Every Plate Meal Kit Review

A new meal delivery service, Every Plate, has launched in Perth, promising fresh, healthy, easy-to-prepare dinners for busy families. Each week, a new, fresh, easy-to-prepare dinner meal kit is delivered to your home.

Every Plate is priced from $4.79 per meal and the meal box provides everything you need to cook, including fresh, seasonal ingredients, and easy-to-follow instructions.

Every Plate

Why you should try Everyplate Meal Kit?

  • Save money – you will receive the exact quantity of ingredients required meaning you won’t waste your money on one-off ingredients that you will only use once.
  • Save time – No trips to the supermarket required. Every Plate will deliver your chosen menu at the start of the week, so no having to a big shop with small children!
  • Simple Easy Step Recipes – all recipes take a total of 4 steps making it super easy to cook tasty meals from scratch.
  • Quality Fresh Ingredients – Every Plate works with local recognised suppliers to provide you with fresh ingredients and quality produce.
  • Variety – choose from a selection of meal options that change each week, including vegetarian options.
  • Flexible – you can cancel your plan at any time or put it on pause for as long as you require.

Every Plate Review

What did we think of Every Plate?

My family and I tried Everyplate meal kit for three weeks and have to say we were very impressed with the quality of the produce and the tastiness of the meals.

We have are regular users of Hello Fresh, which is actually the sister company of Every Plate and you may find some of the ingredients are from the same suppliers, so we were able to make a direct comparison between the two services.

First off at $4.79 per plate Every Plate is much cheaper than Hello Fresh which comes in at $7.99 per plate. They are able to offer a lower price as they cut out a lot of the frills. You won’t find herb garnishes or pesto dressings as there are fewer ingredients in each recipe. The Everyplate meal kit is packed with fresh veggies and quality produce without the fancy extras. On the first read of the recipe card, my thoughts sometimes were ‘this recipe seems too basic to be really tasty’ but I was always pleasantly surprised with the delicious meal that was produced. An added bonus for families is that the meals are more plateable for kids without the fancy extras.

Every Plate Review

One big difference with Every Plate is that the ingredients are all delivered together in one box as opposed to Hello Fresh where the chilled items such as the meat and dairy produce are bundled together but the staples for each recipe are stored together in a handy colour coded bag so you just need to pull out the corresponding bag for the recipe and away you go. As the ingredients were not separated with Every Plate you run the risk of a family member deciding that they are going to eat the juicy carrot meant for tonight’s dinner as a snack! Also, you need to make sure you read the ingredients required for the recipe carefully, especially if you are cooking for four people, as sometimes it calls for two packets and sometimes you are given a larger quantity to cater for four people.

Every Plate Review

As with Hello Fresh, you are always going to need to have some pantry staples on hand such as honey or soy sauce.

The recipes with Every Plate Review are super easy to follow, so much so that my twelve and ten-year old children were able to cook the evening meal unaided, which is always a bonus right – although you spend more time cleaning up the kitchen!

Every Plate Review

We really enjoyed our Every Plate meals as a family and at $107.79 for five meals for the four of us for a week including delivery I think represents really good value. The kids enjoyed the variety of the meals, the pasta dishes being the favourite, and I enjoyed not having to think about what to cook.

Every Plate Review

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Buggybuddys was invited to try Every Plate but all reviews expressed in this review are our own. This review contains affiliate links. We may earn a small commission at no cost to you if you decide to try Every Plate.

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