Bean bags are usually considered a fun addition to a living space inside a household. It can be used in living rooms, home offices, bedrooms, and other spots where people need seating furniture to relax on. They’re both decorative and functional and add visual interest to a room. Moreover, they’re also ergonomic in that using bean bags can be beneficial for those who’d like to minimize pain caused by having to sit for long periods.

This alternative seating option is usually made with bags filled with shredded memory foam that allows them to conform to weight or pressure. Hence, this flexibility feature makes them ideal for those suffering from neck, shoulder, and back pain from prolonged seating. Many seating furniture is non-ergonomic, making it easy for people to feel strained when sitting for an extended period. In this case, bean bags are considered to be an excellent alternative.

To make the most out of the visual appeal of a bean bag, many users opt to personalize their items before making a purchase. As bean bags offer flexibility design-wise, it’s easy to customize them in various ways.

If you’d like some ideas on how you can make your own personalised bean bag chairs, you can consider these suggestions:


  1. Pick A Unique Shape That You’ll Enjoy Using

One of the fun things about using a bean bag as seating furniture is that there are virtually endless shape options. You can opt for more traditional shapes such as round or square, and you can also get creative selecting odd shapes. Some bean bags come in the form of a hand, fruits, animals, and even plants. The variety you choose would all depend on your style preferences.


  1. Select Fillings

The most common fillings of bean bags include synthetic beads made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), microbeads, and shredded memory foam. On the other hand, you can also opt for organic fillers such as rice, beans, and buckwheat hulls.

For the best selection, choose a filler material that’ll give you the most comfort and convenience, depending on where it’ll be positioned in your home and how you intend to use it. For instance, you’d want a stiffer bag if you want to use it when you sit in front of your work desk. Meanwhile, you’ll need softer, more flexible material for lounging and unwinding in your living area or playroom.


  1. Choose Your Favorite Colour For The Cover

Bean bag covers are usually washable so you can purchase several replacements of various colours. To add your personal touch to your seating furnishing, you can select colours that appeal more to your style. Contrastingly, you can also consider other design elements in the area where you’ll position the bean bag to determine the most suitable colour for your covers.


  1. Use A Variety of Textiles As Seat Cover

Apart from colours, you can also pick a seat cover made with the most comfortable, luxurious, and visually appealing textiles. Some examples of fabric you can consider are velvet, silk, or plush. Meanwhile, you can also select waterproof materials if the bean bag is frequently used and would inevitably be exposed to food and other contaminants. This way, it’ll be easier to clean the bag in case of spillage or stains.


  1. Have Your Name Printed On The Cover

How else to put your personal touch on your bean bag than to add your name on the cover! You need to explore your options and look for shops that offer specialized printing services. Some may also offer embroidery services where you can have your name and other words of your choosing decoratively stitched on the covers. On the other hand, some bean bag companies also offer customization for an additional cost.


  1. Print Selected Photographs On The Covers Of Your Bean Bag

Aside from printing your name on the cover of your bean bag, you can also select personal images that you’d want to decorate its surface with. Through 3D photo printing technology, you can have photos of yourself, your family, and anything printed directly on the fabric to be used as a seat cover. Meanwhile, you can also consider this option if you want to gift a loved one or a colleague a personalised item that can be useful to them for a long time.


  1. Select Designs To Print On The Covers

You also can pick designs that you want to see on the seat cover of your bean bag. These designs can be pre-printed on the fabric you choose, or you can also have a design made for you and printed on the cover. This customization option will come in handy if you want the seating design to go well with other furnishings in your living room or bedroom. Also, incorporating a personalized design on your bean bag makes it more fun and fulfilling for you to use it.


  1. Use Other Design Elements With Your Bean Bag

Besides customizing the design and materials of your bean bag, you also need to think about how to make it cohesive with the rest of your furnishings using your style preferences.

As you place your bean bag in your living area, bedroom, and other house parts, your bean bag may look out of place beside other everyday household items and décor. Thus, it’s essential to make them go well with the rest of your interior design.

You can create cohesion between your bean bag and other home furnishings by incorporating unifying elements to string everything together. For instance, you can use throw pillows of the same colour, put a similar rug under your sofa at the bottom of the bean bag, or strategically position it beside a coffee table to make a pair. These may be minor adjustments, but they can make a noticeable difference in polishing your interior design.



There are various ways to make your bean bag reflect your style and personality. You can choose colours that suit your taste, pick out fillings that would give you the best comfort, print unique designs to your liking, and jazz the covers up with embellishments. You can never go wrong with personalizing your bean bag as long as the décor won’t take away from its functionality and the comfort that it brings upon usage.



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