Coast Road Palms, Bennett Springs


If you have a dinosaur fan, Coast Road Palms in Bennett Springs is sure to excite! Featuring a number of dinosaur statues to find, this family-owned nursery specialising in palms and bamboo is an inexpensive outing on a weekend or during school holidays.

We visited on a warm sunny weekend. The shade from the tall palms was delightful! We spotted our first dinosaur before we’d even gotten to the office. We found a small dinosaur with a sail on it’s back, perhaps a Dimetrodon, being stalked by a Tyrannosaurus Rex, down low in the palms of one of the gardens.

Behind us, another family of dinosaurs was chased by a velociraptor. This display also included dinosaur footprints set into the garden bed.

Further along we found a small Triceratops. This accompanied a Coast Road Palms sign, which mimics the Jurassic Park logo. This is fitting too, as when you walk through the nursery, it feels like you slip into a piece of prehistoric jungle. The huge older palms in the background add to this illusion.

Miss 5 relished the opportunity to snap some photos with an old camera she has. These first few dinosaurs were at just the right height for her to get up close and snap away.

Deeper into the plants on display, we had to look more closely among the gardens. Some of the dinosaurs are huge, almost life-sized. We found a “Mummy Triceratops” as Miss 5 called it, a parasaurolophus and more velociraptors. There are possibly more dinos, but perhaps we missed them.

As we were leaving, one of the friendly owners also pointed out a life-like goanna up one of the palms. Keep an eye out owner’s car. This is a dead ringer for one of the jeeps in Jurassic Park with the dinosaur logo on the bonnet. It’s very cool!

Finishing our wander around, I was drawn to the hardy cacti and succulents. Miss 5 snapped some photos while I picked a couple to take home. We also found an ice cream freezer and purchased a cool treat each for the ride home.

In short, this was a inexpensive outing. I bought plants, but if you didn’t, all it may cost is petrol and an ice cream. I’d suggest taking a hat, sunscreen and wearing closed in shoes such as sneakers for example. The paths are pretty stable, made up of coarse, hard packed gravel. But there are some loose bits, so best to protect little feet. The palms also don’t fully shade all of the paths by late-morning, so best go prepared to be sun smart.


Coast Road Palms, Bennett Springs

Located at Lot 52 Bennett Springs Drive, Bennett Springs, on the corner of Waterway Pass. Access is also available via Marshall Road, between Altone Road and Silver Swan Road.

Parking is located in front of the office and at the back of the office off Marshall Road. If this is full, parking would also be easy outside the gates on Bennett Springs Drive.

Coast Road Palms is open Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

Visit Coast Road Palms on Facebook for the latest information or check out their website.


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