Why Should You Consider Getting Invisalign?

Are you looking forward to correcting crowded teeth, a bad bite, or spacing issues? If yes, do you know you have other options besides traditional braces?

Many people consider Invisalign the clear alternative to braces. They’re plastic trays that enhance one’s smile and treat other dental issues. If you’re considering braces, continue reading to learn why Invisalign might be your ideal option.


Invisalign Makes Cleaning Teeth Easy

Practising good oral hygiene isn’t a bed of roses with traditional braces. Food particles often find their way into difficult-to-access areas, leading to poor dental hygiene. For example, flossing is nearly impossible with traditional dental braces, and so is proper tooth brushing.

On the other hand, the case is different when using Invisalign. All you have to do is remove the trays, clean them, brush your teeth or floss them, and put the trays back. With Invisalign, there isn’t room for food particles to stick between them and your teeth since they’re removed during mealtimes. Generally, with Invisalign, cleaning teeth is effortless.


Invisalign Is Cost-Effective

Invisalign prices vary depending on dental condition. If the case is severe, you might pay more for the trays. Fortunately, most dental insurance policies cover the cost. However, if this is impossible for your case, research a reputable dental clinic charging fairly for Invisalign since not all facilities charge the same. All in all, Invisalign aligners are a bit cheaper than traditional braces.


They’re Invisible

One can’t have traditional dental braces without other people noticing them. For this reason, many people shy away from having them, especially since they’re stigmatised. However, the case is totally different with Invisalign. They’re transparent and invisible; no one can know you have them unless you disclose the information.


They’re Comfortable

Getting used to foreign material in your mouth might take a while. In fact, many people with traditional dental braces complain of discomfort during the first few weeks. On the other hand, Invisalign is more comfortable since they don’t have sharp edges, unlike traditional braces. Additionally, Invisalign doesn’t require tightening since they’re installed over the teeth and adjusted as they shift, hence being ideal for young and older people.


There’s No Diet Restriction

Invisalign doesn’t come with food restrictions. Therefore, you don’t have to avoid or skip eating the food you love so much. Since they’re removable, all you need is to remove them and indulge in crunchy apples, corn, and other foods, then return them once you’re done. It might be correct to say that the chances of running your Invisalign when eating your favourite food are close to zero.


Few Trips To The Orthodontist

Once traditional braces are installed, you must visit your orthodontist regularly to get the wire tightened. Failure to do so could cause an unsuccessful correction of your dental issue.

On the other hand, with Invisalign, you don’t have to visit your orthodontist regularly. They’ll provide you with several aligners to change at home.

Though you’ll still have to visit your orthodontist occasionally, it won’t be as regularly as when using Invisalign. Therefore, this treatment might be perfect if you have tight schedules that might prevent you from having frequent dental checkups.


Quick Results

The fact that you’re considering straightening your teeth means you need a beautiful smile as soon as possible. Well, that isn’t an impossible thing to wish for. Once you’ve had your Invisalign, make it a habit to have them on for at least 20 hours a day. Once you accomplish this, you’ll notice a change within no time. After following your orthodontist’s instructions on using Invisalign effectively, you’ll have your dream smile within ten to 24 months.


Invisalign Corrects More Than Crooked Teeth

Unlike what most people think, Invisalign trays don’t just correct crooked teeth. This treatment is also ideal for overcrowded teeth, overbite, open-bite, crossbite, and spacing issues. If you have more than crooked teeth, you might need to stop looking further and consider Invisalign.


Protects Your Teeth Against Damage

When teeth are active, especially during grinding, they tend to get damaged. With time, you might experience dental issues leading to teeth loss or expensive treatments. Fortunately, since Invisalign is made from durable plastic, it protects your teeth against damage.


No Chance Of Discoloration

Some patients who have used traditional braces complain of teeth discolouration where the braces rested. However, the discolouration might only occur in individuals who indulge in sugary food or hard water and experience difficulty brushing their teeth. When it comes to Invisalign, there are no chances of teeth discolouration since a patient can remove them and clean their teeth thoroughly.

Invisalign braces or invisible retainer. Medically accurate dental 3D illustration


Like Invisalign, traditional braces are used to correct dental issues in individuals who dislike their smile. Both methods of correcting teeth come with advantages and disadvantages. But if you are looking for alternatives to traditional braces, you may consider the above information to understand why Invisalign could work for you.



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