Often, dads are notoriously challenging to buy gifts for because they seemingly have everything they need. However, gifting for dads has evolved past socks and ties to more meaningful and specialized presents that he may not have thought of getting himself.

These modern-day gifts are lifestyle-centric ideas to suit his tastes, interests, and personality. They give you a wider variety to choose from, so you won’t get stuck on finding the right item on the next Father’s Day, holiday, or dad’s birthday.

Here are the best gifts for every kind of dad. Keep reading below to find out more.


Von Baer No. 1 Briefcase

“No.1 Briefcase from Von Baer”


Nothing says corporate businessman like a classic briefcase. So, for your office-working dad, you can gift him the right briefcase to fit his needs. It’s useful whether the briefcase will be for his laptop and business documents or for keeping overnight clothing organized when travelling to workshops. To make it special, you can get it personalized with his initials monogrammed onto the bag.

Since style is an essential consideration, you can opt for the No.1 Briefcase from Vonbaer.com is made of full grain leather, it has a 15.6-inch laptop size, durable cotton lining and YKK zippers. Handmade in Florence, Italy and features a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap for added comfort. Measuring 40cm x 29cm x 14.5cm and weighing 1.7kg, this bag is perfect for business professionals and students, spacious and stylish. Purchase from Von Baer.  

Wireless Charging Station

Reaching for wires and fishing for chargers and outlets can be a thing of the past for your tech-enthusiast dad with a wireless charging station. If he owns more than a few mobile gadgets, he’ll appreciate the convenience of charging them all at once without the need to plug them in individually. The only things he’ll need are compatible devices and a USB-C cable to charge the station.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of wireless charging options to choose from that come in different shapes, styles, and forms to suit his needs. A key item is an upward-positioned stand to mount a smartphone that works on a desktop and can be fitted into a car mount.

Then there’s the 3-in-1 charging base pad that simultaneously charges a phone, wireless earbud, and a smartwatch. They’re magnetically secured in place onto the pad to ensure the devices get a full charge and be useable by morning.


Electric Scooter

Portable transport is gaining popularity among individuals looking to zip around town or commute easily and quickly without the expenses of a car. Therefore, if your dad is into practicality and enjoys going on outdoor pastimes and activities, let an electric scooter be his vehicle companion. This is the best gift option if you have the budget to splurge and spoil your dad.

E-scooters are fitted with motors and batteries of different sizes that allow them to accelerate to speeds at your dad’s control. This way, he can go faster to climb uphill’s smoothly or slow down for a leisurely cruise around the neighbourhood.

One of the best features of electric scooters is that they’re lightweight and foldable, so dad can store them indoors at work or fit under a bus or train seat when taking public transport. Additionally, most standard-sized 37V batteries only take about 3 hours to charge. 


Audiobook Subscription

Recent studies have shown that more readers are willing to finish a book if they can listen to it. If this applies to your bibliophile and reading enthusiast dad, get him the right audiobook subscription. This is the more affordable and convenient method of giving him access to a diverse library of e-books and audiobooks he wants all in one platform.

He can listen while working around the house, completing daily tasks, or commuting to work. There are both monthly and annual subscription plans which make this service the ultimate long-term dad’s gift. Furthermore, depending on the platform, some noteworthy features include device syncing, listening-history-based recommendations, magazine reading options, automatic bookmarking, and choosing the preferred playback speed.



The right gift exists for every type of dad if you look closer at his needs, interest, and personality. Corporate working dads would love briefcases that make their business attire look stylish and classic, while tech gadget dads can utilize wireless charging at their convenience.

Furthermore, you can get your active dad an electric scooter or audiobook subscription so he can ride to local hotspots and listen to his favourite book while he does it. These are just a few suggestions to get your dad a practical and meaningful gift for his next special occasion.


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