Spriggy has been designed to help teach children aged between 8-18 years the value of money in a cashless way. Given that we are becoming a cashless society, teaching our kids how to use and manage their money electronically is really important.

I originally heard about Spriggy through a friend whose son catches the bus to and from school every day, Spriggy offers her peace of mind knowing that her son has access to money should he need it.

I decided to jump onto the Spriggy website and find out some information. The first thing I discovered was Spriggy is so much more than just a prepaid card! You can also manage pocket money, create savings goals and track spending habits.

After discussing the concept with my 11 year old son, we decided to go ahead and sign up online. The sign-up process is easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

Spriggy offers you the choice of 2 card designs, my son’s card arrived 4 business days after we signed up.


Once your card has arrived the next step is to download the Spriggy app and complete the setup tasks to active your card. The Spriggy app is free and available from Apple’s App Store and Google Play. The app is fantastic, easy to use and child-friendly with the convenience of a parent and child login.


The Spriggy parent app gives you a complete view of all your kids, allows you to track spending, you set pocket money, oversee savings goals, and instantly transfer funds or lock cards in an emergency.


My son likes that I can schedule his pocket money to be transferred directly onto his Spriggy Card or into his savings… because let’s be honest 90% of the time I don’t pay up because I don’t have cash on me.

You need to ensure you have enough funds in the Parent Wallet for scheduled payments.


The Parent Wallet is where your money is held before it is transferred to your child/ren. The Parent Wallet is connected to a debit card or bank account of your choice that only you have access to. If your Parent Wallet is linked to a debit card payment processing time is within 10 minutes, bank account transfers usually take 2-3 business days. Preferred payment methods can be changed at any time through the app. Once, the funds are in the Parent Wallet though, transfers to your kids are almost instant.


The Spriggy app has a separate login for children, you create their login as part of the setup process. Your child can transfer money from their Savings to their Card or Goal at any time. This is a great opportunity for me to talk with Joshua about what he is spending and help him learn to make better decisions.


The detailed transaction history is great and allows you to monitor the dates and the amount of each transaction.


I love the Saving Goals aspect of Spriggy, it visually allows your child to see and track the money they are saving for something they really want. Money can only move from a goal once your child completes the goal or if the goal is deleted.


Spriggy cards can be used in-store or online – anywhere Visa is accepted. In-store children can use PayWave or insert their card, select credit and enter their pin number. You are unable to withdraw cash, which is great because I know exactly what is happening with his money – it’s not disappearing into an ATM withdrawal black hole or getting lost.


A Spriggy membership is $30 per child, per year with a FREE 1-month trial.

My son is loving his Spriggy Card, not only does it make him feel like a grown-up, it also offers him the freedom and independence make his own spending and saving decisions. I love Spriggy because it means that he works towards his own savings goals rather than asking me for money.



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You can contact Spriggy by website live chat, email, app chat or phone.


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