It’s essential to take your kids in fresh air and nature, but it seems so hard to convince them to go with you. Children love other stuff and don’t realize the importance of fresh air and nature. That’s why you need to come up with some ideas.

There’s so much to do in nature, and the only thing you need to consider is getting prepared for the trip. Think of everything that your kids might love, but also consider your wishes and interests. If you hate doing something, it’s best not to accept it just because your kids mentioned it.

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of ideas about how to enjoy time spent in nature with your family. If you’re interested in doing this, you might find these pieces of advice useful. Read on and see if there’s something you might like.


1. Go hiking


Hiking is an excellent exercise for both kids and adults. Going on foot to a particular destination and home will burn so many calories, which is crucial for living a healthy life. For the kids, hiking gives them the chance to be in nature, breathe fresh air, and learn about the planet.


You don’t need special equipment for hiking, but it’s good to wear some comfortable clothes and durable shoes. Depending on the weather, you might want pants for hiking, a shirt that won’t sweat you, and shoes that will withstand the harsh grounds below your feet.


2. Try biking around the neighbourhood


Biking is something that many kids love, and if you’re up for it, they might agree to your idea immediately. If you decide to go biking, ensure that the age of your kids is appropriate to let them paddle behind you and keep up with you without getting hurt. 

Going outside of the city or to the park with your bikes may be an interesting idea to spend time together. If you’re going outside the city limits, you’ll see wonderful nature and fantastic sights and different nature, animals, and other things.

Simultaneously, biking burns many calories, is an excellent cardio exercise, and everyone benefits from it. Children will have fun paddling with their parents and will enjoy the different scenery. Don’t forget the helmet and the safety equipment, though.


3. Enjoy some fishing


Fishing is something that many people love, and if you’re one of them, you might transfer this love to your children. If you’re a passionate fisherman, you already know that it is not as easy as your kids think, but it’s your job to teach them how to do it.

Get the right equipment, and don’t forget to order some kids’ rods too. The standard rod is too heavy for children regardless of their age, so you’ll need something more adequate. If you show them how it’s done, and they manage to catch something, this love will last for a lifetime.


4. Picnic in the park might be an excellent choice


Prepare a basket with food and drinks at home. Put them in the trunk, and drive to the parking spot nearest to the park. Find a perfect spot and spread the blanket on which you and your family will enjoy.

Your children can play frisbee, play football, or something similar, while you and your spouse enjoy some time off, talking about things you both enjoy. When your kids become hungry, you can all sit together and enjoy the food you prepared at home.


5. Make a photoshoot competition and incentivize your kids to learn about nature


It’s not easy to motivate your children to learn about things they are commonly not interested in. Playing video games may teach them all kinds of stuff, but they will not learn about nature in any other way but being in the forests, on top of mountains, and enjoying the plain fields.

This is why it’s wise to push them. You can do it by proposing a game. The game can use everyone’s phone’s cameras to photoshoot the best nature moment they encounter. The best image can win a prize, which can be something that the person who’s winning loves. That’s how everyone will be thrilled to find and learn everything about nature’s wonders.




These are some of the most useful ideas for parents considering going on a nature trip with their kids. You can bike, hike, fish, have a picnic, or shoot some pictures. If you’re thinking about doing this, you may find the ideas above useful. 

Whatever you choose, it’s essential to make the best choice and have your kids entertained. If they don’t like the time spent out there, they’ll be even more against doing it again. Find what works best for everyone in the family, and enjoy your trip to nature.


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