Travelling with family is an exciting adventure that creates lasting memories. However, amidst all the excitement, it’s crucial to ensure the safety of your belongings back home. Here are some valuable tips to keep your stuff safe while you embark on your family vacation.

Conduct a Home Security Check

Conducting a home security check before leaving for a trip is crucial to ensure the safety of your property. Start by inspecting all doors, windows, and other entry points to ensure they are secure. Consider reinforcing them with deadbolt locks or window security bars if necessary. Additionally, it’s recommended to install a smart home security system that allows you to monitor your home remotely and receive alerts in case of any suspicious activity. Take the time to test alarms and surveillance cameras to ensure they are functioning correctly. By conducting a thorough home security check, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is well-protected while you’re away.


Inform Trusted Neighbours or Friends

Informing trusted neighbours or friends about your travel plans is a simple yet effective way to enhance the security of your home while you’re away. By sharing your departure and return dates with them, they can keep an eye on your property and alert you or the authorities in case of any suspicious activity. Trusted neighbours or friends can also help maintain the appearance that someone is home by occasionally parking their cars in your driveway or collecting your mail. This proactive step creates a sense of community and ensures that your home is looked after during your absence.


Secure Valuables and Important Documents

Secure valuable items such as jewellery, electronics, and cash before leaving. Consider investing in a home safe or using a locked drawer or cabinet to store these items securely. Also, trusted storage services offer secure storage solutions for personal belongings, allowing individuals to store their valuables in a safe and monitored environment. Some reputable storage services utilize advanced security measures such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, and climate control to ensure the safety and preservation of stored items. 

It’s also crucial to safeguard important documents like passports, birth certificates, and insurance policies. Consider storing them in a safe deposit box at your bank or in a locked, fireproof container.


Utilise Timers and Smart Home Technology

When it comes to enhancing home security while you’re away, utilizing timers and smart home technology can be extremely beneficial. Timers can be used to automate lights, television sets, and other electronic devices, giving the impression that someone is home even when you’re not. This can deter potential burglars who are looking for signs of an empty house. Additionally, smart home technology allows you to control and monitor your home remotely. With features such as smart locks, security cameras, and motion sensors, you can receive real-time notifications and have greater control over your home’s security. Whether it’s turning on lights at certain times or checking live video feeds, leveraging timers and smart home technology can significantly enhance the safety and security of your property while you’re away.


Be Mindful of Social Media

While it’s tempting to share your travel plans and vacation moments on social media, it’s essential to be cautious. Broadcasting your absence from home can unintentionally invite potential burglars. Wait until you return from your trip to share your adventures and memories with friends and family.


Consider Hiring a House/Pet Sitter

If possible, consider hiring a trusted individual to stay at your house or take care of your pets while you’re away. Having someone present not only deters potential burglars but also ensures that your pets are cared for. A house sitter can also collect mail, water plants, and maintain the overall appearance that the house is occupied.


Secure Outdoor Areas

Don’t forget to secure your outdoor areas before leaving. Lock gates and sheds, and remove or secure valuable items like bicycles and lawnmowers. Consider using motion sensor lights in your yard or garden as an additional security measure. Trim any overgrown shrubs or trees that could provide cover for burglars.


Double-Check Insurance Coverage

Review your insurance coverage for theft and damage while you’re away. Ensure that your policy adequately protects your belongings in case of any unfortunate incidents. If necessary, consider purchasing additional coverage for high-value items or specific circumstances.


Travelling with family should be a time of joy and relaxation, and taking necessary precautions to keep your belongings safe can ensure a worry-free experience. Conducting a home security check, informing trusted neighbours, securing valuables, utilizing timers and smart home technology, being cautious on social media, considering a house/pet sitter, securing outdoor areas, and double-checking insurance coverage are all vital steps to protect your property while you’re away. By following these tips, you can enjoy your family vacation with peace of mind knowing that your stuff is safe and secure at home.



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