Remember those long, fun-filled days of your youth? These recollections stay with us for life—and there’s no better way to create these with your kids than with the installation of a trampoline.

Memories are formed when neurons in the brain are stimulated. The stronger the stimulus (or one that’s repeated multiple times), the more ingrained the memory becomes. Having a rip-roaring good time is a sure-fire way to fire up those neurons. Add in the adrenaline boost that you get from leaping higher and higher, plus doing so with family and friends, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for success.

So what are the key attributes for making trampoline-related family memories?


1: Choose the right trampoline


The first rule of home trampolining is ‘safety first’. Jump cages, high-quality construction and materials, plus the correct size jump mat are all essential considerations. In locations with high levels of sunshine, it’s vital to choose a unit that offers high UV resistance and comes with a guarantee – the best providers provide 3 years’ peace of mind. However, you should still carry out weekly checks to ensure the integrity of all the parts.

When it comes to the size you should purchase you’ll find the following guidelines helpful:

  • Less than 10ft: Ideal for medium-sized spaces and/or smaller children
  • 12-14ft: Good for older children and teenagers
  • 14ft plus: For larger gardens and older users


2: Start easy and build up confidence

Whilst a teenager might take to a trampoline like the proverbial duck to water, many little ones can take a while to become confident jumpers. This makes for a wonderful parent-child bonding opportunity—seeing your offspring grow in confidence as they experience the sheer delight of jumping for joy is a memory that will stay with all parties for life.


3: Take pictures – lots of pictures

Images are so easy to capture. Get on-the-hop stills and video on your phone; Set up a camera on a tripod to get those Insta and Facebook shots; Use video to make great Tik Tok; Let the little ones make up routines that showcase the tricks they’ve learned.

And speaking of tricks…

The following are some easy basics that every child and adult can learn:

  • Tuck jumps
  • Pikes
  • Seated drop
  • Back drop
  • Front drop

There are many YouTube videos, such as this one, that provide excellent examples of simple tricks that you can your family can try.


4: Make trampolining family event

While letting the kids play in the garden on the tramp is a great way to let off steam and improve cardiovascular fitness, making the activity a regular family event will create lifelong memories for all involved. Forget switching on the Play Station… Get up and moving with a trampolining party (works just as well for one parent and child as it does for those with 4, 5, 6 or more in the family unit).

Memories of time spent with parents having fun is something all of us cherish as we get older. Once you’ve got a tramp installed in the garden you’ve got a ready-made fun factory right on your doorstep. Make a picnic, fire up some tunes, roll out a blanket or two for when you all need a rest… A home trampoline is all you need to spend idyllic hours together making memories.


5: Probably the most important element of all… Use the trampoline – and use it a lot!

From learning tricks to laughing at dad trying to emulate the youngsters, a trampoline offers the ultimate (and free) way of having incredible family times. The great thing about buying a home tramp is that once you’ve made the initial outlay, no dollars are needed to have an amazing time.

Plus, as you only need to travel to the garden to use it, you can make use of every spare half hour. And you’ll have the perfect answer to that ‘I’m bored’ that every child utters every once in a while.

There are trampolines to suit all budgets – you can start with a small one when the kids are tiny and upgrade as they grow. From helping keep the whole family fit to having the best fun possible, there’s never been a better time to purchase. The sooner you take the leap of faith the sooner you’ll be ramping up those memories.


Once installed, the biggest issue you’re going to have is persuading the kids to let you have a go—because—believe us, trampolining really is something that all the family can enjoy. So what are you waiting for…? Get in touch with Jump Star Trampolines today and make some family fun!






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