Your overall health is dependent on different variables, with all factors small and large playing a contributing role to your physical wellbeing. Your digestive system is just one aspect, but plays a significant role in your overall health. Here are a few foods to eat that are not only friendly to your gut and digestion, but also good for your health as a whole.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Many gut problems come as a result of low stomach acid. This translates to pathogens multiplying, as they are not dissolved or broken down by the acids. Adding apple cider vinegar to your diet regularly can help to properly digest your food. This will help detox your body and balance the PH levels in your body. Another benefit of apple cider vinegar is pectin. This comes from the apple and is a source of fibre and prebiotics, supplements that your body will see a positive impact from in terms of its functioning. Apple cider vinegar also helps with acid buildup and heartburn, as well as gout, providing many benefits. It is easy to add apple cider vinegar to your diet, consuming it with water in the morning, and you will see it help with your body throughout the day.


Bone Broth

Your body is made up of collagen, and your entire gut specifically entirely collagen. Collagen makes up building blocks for your body, and you want to incorporate it into your foods in order to strengthen and build the structures that it is made up of in your body. A great source of this is bone broth, which can be either chicken, beef, fish or any sort of broth that will help repair your gut lining. Bone broth is a superfood that can help provide those benefits while being easy to digest. Healing and strengthening your gut is crucial, as there are many substances on top of the acids that are present in your stomach that can damage and break down the lining. This can contribute to many digestive problems if you continually ignore such restorative food groups. Add bone broth dishes to your diet to help your body to continue to function optimally and healthy.  



Although it may seem difficult to implement coconut into your diet, as it is a unique fruit that some might not have a taste for, it should be a fruit to consider for its many benefits. There are many products that you can include in your food preparation and consumption that make it easier than you might think. There are coconut oils that you can easily substitute for regular oil, and utilize it for cooking anything that you might pan fry. You can, of course, eat and drink the coconut fruit, although finding it at some local groceries and markets may be difficult. The meat and juice provide all the benefits through its consumption. Coconuts have healthy fats such as caprylic acids. These fats and acids are helpful in helping to maintain a clean gut, killing different pathogens that might grow and multiply. Coconuts also provide your body with more probiotics, which protect your gut and create enzymes that will help heal your gut. Aside from the oils, you can also drink coconut milk as a great milk substitute, as it has many positive dietary qualities for your body and gut.  If you still are having difficulty incorporating coconut and its oil into your diet and regular consumption, there are supplements that can be taken to help incorporate its benefits easier. 


Sauerkraut And Fermented Vegetables

Speaking of probiotics, a great source of that to add to your diet to help you with your gut is fermented vegetables. A great example of this is sauerkraut, as it is a fantastic source of probiotics. If you are having any major digestive issues,  consider starting out with a little bit at a time, introducing it to your diet with a tablespoon of sauerkraut or juice, slowly working your way up to gain more benefits. It is easy to incorporate Organic Sauerkraut into your diet and different meals. They can be added to your breakfast as sides, or topping on a burger, hotdog, or sandwich. It can even be mixed in some salads to ensure that you get all the nutrients and vitamins from your meal. Sauerkraut, although an acquired taste, is an ideal vegetable for your gut health.

Herbs And Spices

Another gut friendly food that you need to consider when you are trying to find foods that will make your body feel good is the inclusion of many herbs and spices in your dishes. If you live in a country or culture that does not use as many spices and herbs in their food, places like North America and Europe, you might not be gaining the benefits. Many Middle Eastern, Indian and Asian countries, on the other hand, utilize a great deal of such ingredients, gaining the maximum health benefits in their dishes. Ginger is an example of a nutrient-dense ingredient that is massively beneficial for your gut, reducing its inflammation, and being one of the best herbs to add to your dishes. Incorporate more herbs and spices into your daily diet to improve gut health and translate to overall body health.


Cooked Vegetables

When you have gut and digestion issues, one of the things that you want to do is consume more cooked vegetables. Although raw vegetables are packed with nutrients, they are significantly harder to digest, forcing your body and gut to work more. Steaming, baking, and sauteing your vegetables will help your body with digestion, still gaining the nutrients but easing the workload of your stomach. Some examples of this would be pumpkin, spinach, broccoli, and asparagus. These are nutrient-dense options, even when cooked, and will be easy to digest. 


When considering the health of your body, it is important that you remember to prioritize caring for it in all the ways you need to. There are many different food options that are easy to incorporate into your daily diet. Remember to care for your digestive systems, as that will have many benefits that will translate to the rest of your body. 



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