Universal Yums

It’s easy to find a restaurant in Perth that serves food from exotic destinations. From the popular Thai, Indian, Mexican or Chinese to something a little more different like Nepalese or Persian. But what about snacks? Something the kids would eat?

Think of the snacks that your kids would buy (if they were allowed) from a deli or servo. They’d pick chips and chocolate bars right? Maybe some biscuits? But what if they lived in Taiwan? Or Russia? What would kids that live there choose? That’s where Universal Yums comes in!

Universal Yums

Universal Yums is a subscription box that gets delivered once per month to your doorstep. Inside is a selection of snacks and treats from a specific country that is popular with the locals. Every month is a new flavour destination. The boxes come in 3 sizes, “Yum Box” contains at least 6 snacks, “Yum Yum Box” contains at least 12 and the “Super Yum Box” contains over 20 snacks. Prices start at US$15 per box (plus shipping) up to US$39 per box (plus shipping). You can also pre-pay for a year if you prefer.

The boxes come with a booklet explaining what the snacks are and trivia about this month’s country, so you learn at the same time! Don’t worry if you have allergies, translated product names and ingredients have been stuck to each snack so you know what you’re eating.

My kid’s favourite addition to the boxes is the “Yum Bag” full of lollies! This month’s toffees from Ukraine were amazing! The only problem is you can’t buy them here! There is also a scorecard included in the box so you can compare with friends and family what snack they loved or hated, for example, last month my kids hated the truffle flavour chips from Italy but my husband and I loved them!

Universal Yums

We are loving trying a new snack or 2 every day, and the kids love to share with their friends, “would you like some Ukraine chips? Or cookies from Italy?”

Universal Yums


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