If you’re on the lookout for a free, family-friendly activity that will captivate everyone, Perry’s Paddock should be at the top of your list. Believe me when I say, this historical gem is bound to leave you impressed!

Located within the breathtaking Yellagonga Regional Park, Perry’s Paddock is a historical site named after John (Jack) Perry, who bred racehorses and held race meets on his property at the site. Today, you can still explore the remnants of his old stables and homestead, which stand as a testament to his legacy.

One of our highlights is the delightful 3km Beenyup Swamp Circuit, perfectly suited for little legs, bikes and prams. The trail is a mix of paved, dirt and gravel paths and a wooden boardwalk through the swamp.

My kids love pausing beneath the bridge to craft makeshift boats using materials from the surroundings—bark, sticks, and leaves—and then setting them afloat in the water. The friendly competition of racing their handmade vessels adds an extra dash of excitement.

Perry’s Paddock, City of Wanneroo

Unlike many other historical sites, dogs are permitted at Perry’s Paddock, although they are not allowed in the water – just don’t forget your leash and poop bags.

Perry’s Paddock is just a short drive away from the very popular Cafe Elixir, the perfect place for refuelling after a big adventure!

Perry’s Paddock

1198 Ocean Reef Rd, Woodvale

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This article has been updated to reflect that dogs are not allowed in the water at Perry’s Paddock due to it being a conservation zone. 

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