Kruzi stroller

When it comes to investing in products for kids, we all look for items that are easy to use, clean and durable.  Multifunctionality would be an added bonus!

Well, meet the Kruzi stroller. An all-in-one stroller and highchair. 

We had the opportunity to road-test this world-first stroller that was the brainchild of Perth mum and Early childhood professional, Samantha Morrell.

After taking inspiration from her own experiences and seeing other frazzled families dining out, she came up with an innovative solution by creating this unique stroller.

After chatting to Samantha about why this product was going to make our lives easier (and as parents we all want easy!) it was clear that this stroller was going to reduce stress for families. For instance, how many times have we stressed about whether a venue had highchairs, or even the hassle of carrying a gross highchair in a busy cafe whilst wrangling your kids and all the bags? We’ve all been there! 

  Kruzi stroller

So how does this stroller compare to all the other strollers already existing on the market?

Obviously, the key standout feature of this stroller is the ability to convert the seat position to a height that works for most standard table heights. When dining out with my 2.5 year old we have this awkward situation where he’s too big for a highchair but requires a booster which we can’t be bothered bringing.  With the Kruzi, it was quite easy adjusting the seat and letting him climb into it when lunch came out.  Definitely a winning feature!

Kruzi stroller

The stroller also comes with a removable meal tray if a table isn’t an option.  We didn’t try this as we found it was another thing to carry and the tray wasn’t as compact to fit into the basket.

Kruzi stroller

The stroller comes with all the standard safety features and it felt really sturdy and durable whilst using it.  It was also really easy to push with one hand and maneuvering it around tight spaces which is a plus in our books. 

The recline function has four levels which caters for eaters, keen-eyed observers and sleepers.  When reclined at its lowest level, it was quite flat and perfect for naps, especially with the hood providing good coverage.  The hood has an adjustable sunroof which my little one loved looking out of.

Kruzi stroller


When it came to basket space, which is a big factor for us, we just managed to squeeze our backpack in and found it a little awkward reaching in and out of it when the seat was reclined.  We can see the basket being quickly filled up and not as functional as we would like it to be.  Something to think about if you tend to take a lot of things or your child has a large comforter!

Kruzi stroller

The stroller is lightweight weighing in at only 8.5kg and has a weight capacity of 20kgs so plenty of use if you’re using this from 6 months+ or when your little one is ready to be eating at the table.

Once folded, you can see how much room it takes in our boot space.  We own a compact SUV and compared to our current stroller (which can be taken on the plane) it seems so much bigger but that being said we still have plenty of room for shopping bags.

Kruzi stroller


Generally, the stroller is easy to fold/adjust although I still managed to fumble around a bit but I imagine that over time, your confidence will grow with knowing the ins and outs of using it.  In terms of assembly, the stroller was already assembled when it came to me so I can’t comment on how easy it was to assemble but it does come with a detailed instruction manual.

Overall, I personally liked how the stroller felt when handled and can see how it would make dining out so much easier for families. So if you love to dine out with your little people, this could be the game-changing stroller!

The Kruzi retails for $799 and can be purchased online or test drive them today at Babyland and Babyzone.


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