West Oz Wildlife

West Oz Wildlife – Are you looking for something different for your child’s birthday, childcare, school group or special event? West Oz Wildlife is a family owned and run business that specialise in educating children about our Australian Wildlife.

West Oz Wildlife

This was such a fantastic and hands on experience for the children. We had the lovely Beth and Kendal come out to have a chat to our home-schooling group. They brought with them 6 special friends, Judah the Koala, Yappa the Dingo, Rambo and Ninja the snakes, Mya the Bearded Dragon and Barry the Bobtail.

West Oz Wildlife

Once all the children were seated, Beth introduced the first animal to the children. This animal got lots of “awwww” sounds coming from the group. Judah, the koala, was so gorgeous sitting up on his post, eating the fresh leaves. Beth went on to tell the children all about Koalas and what they eat, where they live and even got a few laughs and “that’s disgusting” when she proceeded to tell them all about how baby koalas eat their mums poo!

West Oz Wildlife

Beth was so enthusiastic when talking to the children, she had them all listening to her (which in a bunch of 3-7 year olds is something special) After we learnt all about Koalas, each of the children (and adults) got to come up and have a pat and a photo with him.

West Oz Wildlife

Next up was Yappa the Dingo, what a cutie he was! As with Judah, we got to learn a little about Dingos and then have a pat of him.

West Oz Wildlife

The snakes seemed to be a big hit with the children also. As well as learning about snakes, the children learnt a little about snake safety also. For the children that were feeling extra brave, they could hold him around their necks or even just have a pat if they wished. Following on from the snakes were a couple of lizards that the children could also touch.

West Oz Wildlife

At the end of the 1 hour presentation, all the kids got a little work booklet with a few questions about what they had learnt as well as a little clip on koala toy, which my daughter is particularly fond of!

West Oz Wildlife

The presentation was very hands on and engaging. The children all loved it. I take my hat of to Beth and Kendal for being able to keep all the littles ones engaged. I even had one of the parents come up to me at the end and say that it was the longest that her 4 year old has ever sat and listened to a presentation before. My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed it and she still talks about it days later.

West Oz Wildlife


To find out more about having West Oz Wildlife come to visit you, head to their website www.westozwildlife.com or Facebook page www.facebook.com/wildlifedisplay

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